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Staff profiles

Head of School
Maxine Duke Head of School and Deputy Dean
Associate Heads of School
Associate Head of School Teaching and Learning
Associate Head of School Research
Assistant to Head of School
TBA Project and Executive Officer
School Executive Officer
Jennie Landrigan School Executive Officer
Chair positions
Alison Hutchinson Chair in Nursing (Monash Health)
Elizabeth Manias Research Professor
Julie Considine Chair in Nursing (Eastern Health)
Mari Botti Alfred Deakin Professor in Nursing (Epworth Health)
Megan-Jane Johnstone Academic Chair in Nursing
Tracey Bucknall Chair in Nursing (Alfred Health )
Trisha Dunning Chair in Nursing (Barwon Health)
Trish Livingston Associate Dean (Research)
Associate Professors
Ana Hutchinson   Associate Professor in Nursing (Northern Health)
Andrea Driscoll Associate Professor
Bernice Redley Associate Professor (Epworth Healthcare)
Bodil Rasmussen Associate Professor
Catherine Nagle Associate Professor
Diane Phillips Associate Professor
Goetz Ottmann Associate Professor (UCCO)
Judy Currey Associate Professor / Director of Postgraduate Studies
Natisha Sands Associate Professor
Nikki Phillips Associate Professor / Director of Undergraduate Studies
Paul Bennett

Chair in Translation Nursing at Western Health.

Senior Lecturers
Helen Forbes Senior Lecturer
John Rolley Senior Lecturer
Lauren Mc Tier Senior Lecturer / Director of Clinical Studies
Leah East Senior Lecturer
Rhonda Brown Senior Lecturer
Adele Morrison Lecturer
Ann Parkman Lecturer
Carmel Cleary Lecturer
Carmel Duff Lecturer
Cath McNamara Lecturer
Christopher Wakefield Lecturer
Deana Copley Lecturer
Dolores Dooley Lecturer
Elijah Marangu Lecturer
Elyse Coffey Associate Lecturer: High Fidelity and Clinical Skills
Elizabeth Oldland Lecturer
Erin Guiney Lecturer
Jacqui Allen Lecturer
Jane Walker Lecturer
Jennifer Hosking Lecturer
Jennifer Rawet Lecturer
Josh Allen Lecturer
Jo McDonall Lecturer
Karen Jackson Lecturer
Karen Morison Lecturer
Laura Brooks Lecturer
Lenore Beddoes Lecturer
Linda Rhodes Lecturer
Lorraine Mielnik Lecturer
Louise Chadwick Lecturer
Lucinda Brown Lecturer
Margaret Pszczolkowski Lecturer
Martin Owen Lecturer
Maureen Miles Lecturer
Michele McGrath Lecturer
Monica Schoch Lecturer
Rebecca Thornton Lecturer
Renee Fiolet Lecturer
Sara Stelfox Lecturer
Sue Ireland Lecturer
Suzanne Coulson Lecturer
Vanessa Brotto Lecturer
Research Fellows
Beverley Wood Research Fellow
Helen Rawson Research Fellow
Lisa Kuhn Research Fellow
Maryann Street Research Fellow
Helen Walker Research Fellow
Sally Savage Research Fellow
Honorary Professorial Appointments
Aase Lydiksen Honorary Professor
Beverly O'Connell Honorary Professor
Bridie Kent Honorary Professor
Cheyne Chalmers Honorary Professor
David Plunkett Honorary Professor
Deborah Ceresa Honorary Professor
Denise Patterson Honorary Professor
Lucy Cuddihy Honorary Professor
Janet Weir-Phyland Honorary Professor
Robynne Cooke Honorary Professor
Susan O’Neil Honorary Professor
Conjoint Appointments
Denise Patterson Clinical Associate Professor
Julie Preston Clinical Lecturer
Karen Crawford Clinical Lecturer
Kath Riddell Clinical Associate Professor
Katrina Nankervis Clinical Associate Professor
Libby Van Leeuwen Clinical Lecturer
Michelle Robins Clinical Senior Lecturer
Paula Foran Clinical Senior Lecturer
Sean Rawani Clinical Lecturer
Suzanne Metcalf Clinical Associate Professor
Vibeke Lorentzen Clinical Associate Professor
International Support Team
Barbara Green International Student Support Officer
Jun Li International Project Officer
Professional Development Unit
Kerry Mc Namara Administrative Officer (PDU)
Administrative Team
Michelle Smith Senior School Administrative Officer
Jill Sainsbury Campus Administrative Officer (Waterfront)
Karen Leemon Campus Administrative Officer (Burwood)
Leanne Bone Campus Administrative Officer (Warrnambool)
Helen Harris Administrative Assistant
Kaye Stirland Administrative Officer (Postgraduate Course Advice)
Laura Day Administration Officer (Undergraduate Course Advice)
Michelle Doney Administrative Assistant
Robyn Lampard Administrative Assistant
Clinical Administrative Team
Alexis Foster-Gerrard Clinical Administrative Coordinator
Jess Urquhart Clinical Administrative Coordinator
Simone Russell Clinical Administrative Coordinator
Simulation Centre Team
Glenda Watts Technical Officer
Janet Campbell Technical Officer
Kerrie Jenkin Laboratory Assistant
Madhushree Rajanna Laboratory Assistant
Zana Piljevic Technical Officer

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