What our partners say

Alcoa of Australia

'Alcoa identified Deakin University as the perfect partner to establish the Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine in south-western Victoria as part of its commitment to build stronger communities. Strong rural health services are an essential part of a sustainable community and the Centre focuses on emergency medicine which impacts rural and regional areas.

'As safety is a core value at Alcoa this partnership is very important in an effort to reduce injury, enhance wellness and create a safer and healthier future for all, especially in south-western Victoria.'

Erin Bourne
National Partnerships Manager

Australian Unity

'The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index is a successful business partnership between Deakin University and Australian Unity, providing valuable insight into the lives of Australians.

'Thanks to the combined knowledge, resources and commitment of the two organisations, the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index is recognised as Australia's first and foremost guide to wellbeing.'

Abdi Noor
Head of Public Affairs and Communications

National Centre for Farmer Health

'After growing up in the city and then living life on a rural property in the Western District, I am all too familiar with the disproportionate access to health care in rural areas compared to urban areas and the specific health needs of farmers.

'The National Centre for Farmer Health not only involves practical attention to farmers' health but also the very important part of research which will only add to what we can do to assist in improving the health of farmers and their families in the future.

'Through the Centre I hope to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the land, by supporting those who toil it.'

Mr Geoff Handbury AO, Philanthropist

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