Heather Cook

Heather Cook, PDU student Current PDU studies:
Ophthalmic Nursing 1 – How Eyes Works and
Ophthalmic Nursing 2 – Conditions that Impair Vision

Heather Cook is an Australian registered nurse who has worked in the Awali Hospital in Bahrain since 2002. Heather works full time as Head Professional Nurse of Theatre and travels between Western Australia and Bahrain each year.

Over the past eight years Heather has completed a large number of PDU learning packages, including anaesthetics and critical care topics such as fluid dynamics, cardiac surgery and advanced clinical nursing management. Heather finds all the packages excellent, informative and the related articles suitable and interesting to read. Awali Hospital is small and Heather has limited access to attend study days or conferences. Heather likes to keep abreast of new developments, medications and best practice in her field, and not only does the PDU help to keep her knowledge current but also reassures and guides her in safe practice. She belongs to the 3LP group and benefits from receiving professional development points for her studies.

‘PDU learning packages keep me knowledgeable and confident in my practice. I am able to pass on information to my staff and also update my procedures/policies with the latest information, and this in turn benefits the patients in our care’, Heather says.

Heather chose to undertake studies with Deakin’s PDU because of the variety and flexibility of study options available. ‘The 12-week trimester duration and the flexibility are great advantages. Also the variety of learning packages offered is great’, Heather says. 

Heather is very enthusiastic when asked if she would recommend Deakin PDU studies to prospective students: ‘MOST Definitely! The bonus of this distance study allows me to adjust my work, horse riding and study time on a daily basis as I am not commited to a rigid learning time table. Having control over my time has benefited me as it has instilled discipline and allows me to stay abreast of my daily life schedule without feeling overwhelmed.’

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