Michelle Vujicic

Michelle Vujicic PDU studies undertaken:
Paediatrics The Well Child
Paediatrics Care of the Sick Child and Family
Maternity Nursing Pregnancy and Birth
Maternity Nursing Postnatal

Michelle Vujicic has been an Emergency Registered Nurse for nearly three years, after completing her Bachelor of Nursing. She then turned to Deakin's Professional Development Unit to help further her career.

'I've enjoyed challenging myself in the Emergency field and have been wanting to advance my career overseas, particularly in the United States, which, after much research, can become a major hurdle for most Australian nurses who do not have paediatric and maternity components needed in order to be registered there. I thought the road to the US was going to be somewhat impossible, until thankfully I came across Deakin's fantastic array of Professional Development Unit learning packages, specifically designed to equip Australian Registered Nurses with sufficient theoretical knowledge and clinical hours required for registration. It has been my saving grace.

Everything from the enrolment process to finalising and sending off transcripts was handled with absolute ease and excellence from Deakin staff. Deakin was my perfect option and it has enabled me to progress in my registration process in California. Even though it was distance learning, I felt extremely supported and well-informed, and felt like I could easily incorporate the 12-week trimesters into my busy lifestyle. My theoretical and clinical skills have excelled during the learning process through Deakin's wonderfully structured programs. I applaud and recommend these extremely valuable packages for any Registered Nurse wishing to work in the USA or Canada. Thank you Deakin and the Professional Development Unit staff, for constantly supporting me and giving me the opportunity to advance with my dreams.'

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