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Deakin Population Health (DPH) is one of Deakin University's Strategic Research Centres. DPH has established a large portfolio of activities in public health research, implementation, training, knowledge translation, advocacy and expert advisory services, both in Australia and internationally.

DPH employs approximately 65 staff, generates around $4m per year in research funding and supports a growing cohort of Research Degree students. DPH's vision is:

To deliver health improvements for Australian and global populations through relevant, innovative research and knowledge translation, strategic national and international collaborations, and building public health research capacity.

Our mission, goals and objective
Our mission is to be a global centre of excellence for population health research. We will be distinctive in our commitment to theoretically informed and practice-oriented research with a focus on effectiveness and implementation.
We will be known not only for the excellence of our research but also our philosophical direction that acknowledges the necessary links between pure research and implementation. Our research is solution- and action-oriented, based on building strong partnerships within Australia and internationally.

Our goals are:

  • Knowledge creation – to envisage and conduct innovative, high-quality, solution-oriented research on relevant population health issues.
  • Knowledge exchange – to proactively translate research into practices, programs and policies and back into research questions.
  • Collaborations and partnerships – to grow national and international research partnerships for improving population health.
  • Capacity building and training – to build capacity in multi-disciplinary population health and health services research.
  • Resourcing and organisational excellence – to support DPH's objectives by fostering a culture of the highest quality research management and administration.

Research groups
Deakin Population Health's core research groups have international reputations, a track record of attracting external research grants and an established ability to create partnerships with industry. Our six research groups are:

  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention
  • Deakin Health Economics
  • Public Health Innovation
  • Health Services Implementation Research
  • Deakin Epidemiology

Our research environment stimulates research and research training, makes more efficient use of infrastructure and assists Deakin University to build a stronger research profile. In turn, DPH offers its staff the opportunity to work together in more systemic and sustained ways.

Population Health organisational charts
For more information on how these groups interrelate and their relationship with the Faculty and Schools see the attached organisational charts:

Deakin Population Health Executive Structure (130 KB)

Faculty of Health (51 KB)

More information is also available about the background and evolution of Deakin Population Health.

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