Economics of mental health

The Mental Health group is dedicated to the economic evaluation of mental health and psychosocial care. Research in this stream includes the provision of advice to services and organizations either undertaking economic evaluations or interested in assessing the economic impacts of their mental health and psychosocial careservices.

Current projects (all led by Cathy Mihalopoulos):

  • The refinement and development of priority-setting methods for the mental health sector
  • Evaluation of the policy impacts in terms of costs and resource use of state and national perinatal mental health interventions
  • Economic evaluation alongside the following clinical trials:
    • "Cool Little Kids" parenting program for the prevention of anxiety disorders in children.
    •   Stepped care treatment for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents
    •   A dietary intervention to reduce depression
    •   A psycholofical intervention to improve depression in people who have been diagnosed with cancer
    •   A psychological intervention to improve wellbeing in carers of people with cancer
    •   An online wellbeing intervention for men with prostate cancer
    •   A psychological intervention to improve the wellbeing  people who have had cancer and have a fear of cancer recurrence
    •   A psychosocial intervention for women at risk of developing gestational diabetes
  • Costing the "Thrive" intervention. The Thrive project is hoping to develop an intervention to promote mental health within the family day care setting.
  • Evaluating the new clinical guidelines for the treatment of psttraumatic stress disorder in adults and children

Recent publications from these projects include:

Stream Coordinator: Cathy Mihalopoulos, Senior Research Fellow,

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