Research students

The following students are completing a Higher Degree by Research within the Deakin Population Health Strategic Research Centre:

Name of student



Meagan Blackburn

Professor Richard Osborne

Understanding low back pain population beliefs to improve patient outcomes

Maryam Delavari

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Associate Professor David Mellor

The acculturation effect on body weight and its determinants among Iranian migrants in Australia

Ramneek Grounder

Dr Peter Kremer

Professor Boyd Swinburn

A comparative assessment of hierarchical cluster-based statistical methods for analyzing complex data for Community Based Intervention projects

Gina Harris

Dr Helen Mavoa

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Influence of income on food purchasing patterns in Australian families

Michaela JacksonProfessor Boyd Swinburn

Associate Professor Mark Lawrence

Dr Paul Harrison

Promoting foods and beverages to children and adolescents using Integrated Marketing Communications

Grace Kabaniha

Professor Rob Carter

Priority setting in AIDS/HIV in Uganda

Catherine KeatingAssociate Professor Marj Moodie

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor Rob Carter

The economics of severe obesity
Vivica KraakProfessor Boyd Swinburn
Associate Professor Mark Lawrence

Dr Paul Harrison

Assessing the corporate response to the global obesity pandemic: conceptual approach, practical tools and regulatory options

Natasha Layton

Associate Professor Marj Moodie

Evaluation of best practice in assistive technology and its cost-effectiveness

Rebecca Lindberg

Mark Lawrence

Lisa Gold

Exploring public policy options that improve the food security of low-income Australians
Jennifer Marks

Assoc. Prof. Dr Steven Allender

Dr Lisa Barnett (School of HSD)

Prof. Alan Shiell (non-Deakin)

Obesity prevention from childhood to adolescence: A systems perspective

Lynne Millar

Associate Professor Steve Allender

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Dr Peter Kremer

Obesity prevention in communities; what works for whom?

Rasyedah A Raqi

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Associate Professor Marj Moodie

Associate Professor Mark Lawrence

Food and physical activity policy options to reduce obesity in Malaysia


Claudia Strugnell

Dr Anna Timperio

Associate professor Andre Renzaho

Dr Kate Ridley

Professor Jo Salmon

Correlates of physical activity and obesity among a sample of Chinese-Australian adolescents


Jillian Wate

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Dr Helen Mavoa

Dr Wendy Snowdon

Sociocultural influence on changes in dietary patterns in Fijian adolescents

Eva YuenProfessor Richard Osborne

Associate Professor Trish Livingston

Dr Sarity Dodson

Understanding and measuring the health literacy needs of caregivers of people with cancer

View Eva's presentation Caregivers Provide Extraordinary Assistance to People Dying from Cancer from the 2011 Three Minute Thesis Competition.

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