Student Opportunities

The research team is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from Postgraduate students to work on the Ophelia Victoria project. Those who have interests and experience in health services research, chronic illness, intervention development, survey interviewing and the writing of literature reviews are especially sort.

For Postgraduate opportunities contact: Please include your CV and covering letter.

Current PhD Scholars:

Anita Trezona

Conceptualising the Health Literate Organisation

The aim of this project is to develop a conceptual framework that describes the characteristics of an organisation that is able to identify and respond to the variable and changing health literacy needs and strengths of individuals and communities. The conceptual framework will inform the development of a suite of tools and resources to support organisations identify their strengths and limitations, potential opportunities for reform, prioritise actions, and plan, implement and evaluate strategies for addressing the health literacy needs of their community.

Supervision: Prof Richard Osborne, Dr Sarity Dodson.

Brad Astbury

Sustainability of Health Promotion Pilots: Towards a Middle-Range Theory

The primary objective is to develop a middle range theory (MRT) of program sustainability. The MRT will comprise a realist analysis of mechanisms that contribute to sustainability of pilot health promotion programs, and an explanation of how these mechanisms play out in different contexts and policy domains. The secondary objective is to examine the utility of modifications that will be made to protocols for conducting realist synthesis.
Supervision: Professor Richard Osborne, Professor Gerald Elsworth

Meagan Blackburn 

Understanding low back pain to improve patient care.

Supervision: Prof Richard Osborne, Prof Rachelle Buchbinder (Monash), Prof Bob Lewin (UK)

Rhonda Garad

Enhancing health literacy for CaLD communities across Victoria

Working with three culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) groups; Chinese, Indian and Somali to develop, in-depth health and sociocultural profiles of each group, make recommendations for the adaption of the HLQ to increase utility in CaLD communities, identify positive deviance behaviours, effective interventions to increase health literacy and re-orient health services to meet the cultural needs of CaLD communities.

Supervision: Prof Richard Osborne, Dr Helen Mavoa, Dr Sarity Dodson.

Louise Sparkes

Drawing of the perspectives of individuals to design health literacy interventions

Louise’s project will focus on interventions to enhance health literacy in rural settings. Phase one of her project involves a systematic review of interventions to enhance health literacy, phase two will profile the health literacy of a rural site/s within the Ophelia study. The final phase will involve working with clinicians and managers to design, implement and evaluate an intervention to enhance health literacy in rural settings.

Supervisors: Prof Rachelle Buchbinder (Monash), Prof Richard Osborne, Dr Alison Beauchamp

Linda Komarek

Supporting health literacy uptake in South-East Asia

Identifying the necessary supports to assist governments in the South East Asia region to operationalise health literacy interventions, this research will investigate what guidance, tools and resources can help increase the health literacy of populations through interviews and other data collection, specifically focussing on three case studies of India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Supervision: Prof Richard Osborne, Dr Sarity Dodson, Dr Suvajee Good