Medicine and Biotechnology

Postgraduate supervision

Melbourne Burwood Campus

Professor Caryl Nowson
Nutrition related to hypertension and bone health.

Professor Rod Snow
Muscle metabolism during exercise - gender and age effects;
muscle exercise performance, metabolism and fatigue

Associate Professor Aaron Russell
Mitochondrial development during exercise/disease; musculoskeletal health; muscle atrophy/hypertrophy

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

Professor Michael Berk
Psychiatry; mood disorders; mental health treatment and outcomes; psychiatric epidemiology; biomarkers in mental health; primary prevention of mental illness

Professor Wei Duan
Nanomedicine; molecular pathology; early cancer detection, cancer stem cells, multi-drug resistance, lab-on-a-chip, aptamers, nanoliposomes, targeted cancer therapy and molecular imaging

Professor Gerard Gill
Socio-economic determinants of health, health workforce, appropriate prescribing, care of the elderly in community settings, health of veterans

Professor Jagat Kanwar
Nanomedicine; immunology and aptamer technology; cancer; chronic inflammatory diseases

Professor Johnson Mak
Infectious disease; HIV infection

Professor Andrew Sinclair
Food Sciences; lipids and fat soluble vitamins; functional foods and human health

Professor Alister Ward
Cytokin signalling, JAK-STAT-SOCS pathway, developmental biology, blood cell development, leukaemia, cancer biology, transcriptional regulation, infectious diseases, innate immunity

Professor David Watters
Surgical audits and surgical outcomes

Professor David Ashley

Associate Professor Julie Pasco
The Geelong Osteoporosis Study, which generates evidence for defining the risk for osteoporosis and other chronic diseases; population-based cohort and case-control studies

Associate Professor Ross Carne
The effects of educational environment on course outcomes

Dr Rupinder Kanwar
Immunology; molecular biology and nanotechnology; cancer; chronic imflammatory disease

Dr Tania de Koning-Ward
Microbiology, infection and immunity with particular emphasis on malaria pathogenesis

Dr. Paul Lewandowski
Functional foods and supplements to treat CVD, obesity, diabetes and the ageing process via a nutrigenomics approach; culturally competent nutrition

Dr Daniel McCulloch
Musculoskeletal disorders: muscular dystrophy, arthritis. Developmental biology: pathways regulating vertebrate patterning and tissue and organ development. Biochemistry: Biosynthesis, activation and substrate recognition of extracellular matrix remodelling enzymes.

Dr Rob MacGinley
Hypertension, diet and disease, acute renal failure in ICU, chronic renal failure, elderly dialysis, vascular biology, clinical medicine.

Dr Sean McGee
Metabolic disease; obesity; diabetes signaling and transcription

Dr Janet McLeod
Gene expression in cardiovascular and appetite regulation and stress

Dr John Stambas
Immune response following viral infection

Dr Nicole Stupka
Selenoprotiens, oxidative and ER stress responses in skeletal muscle metabolism and regeneration. Role of extracellular matrix remodelling in skeletal muscle regeneration

Dr Ken Walder
Gene regulation in diabetes and

Based in Warrnambool

Clinical Associate Professor Tim Baker
Rural emergency medicine; health literacy

Based in Hamilton

Clinical Assoicate Professor Susan Brumby
Farmers' health and wellbeing

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