Food Policy Unit

The Food Policy Unit (FPU), led by Associate Professor Mark Lawrence, is concerned with analysing, monitoring and evaluating policies to help prevent diet-related chronic diseases, promote food security and protect the sustainability of the food system.

The structure and operation of food systems determine what, where, when, how and why food is produced, processed, distributed, marketed, sold, purchased, prepared and consumed. In collaboration with local and international partners with expertise in food law and regulation, environmental modelling and health economics, the Unit’s food policy experts conduct multidisciplinary work into the structure and operation of food systems.

Our food policy research is highly regarded for its practical and applied nature, with a number of professional associations and government departments seeking our input and acting on our findings. In recognition of our leading food policy research, we are funded to host the Food Alliance, a food policy coalition providing evidence-based advocacy to promote food policy activities.

The FPU’s aims are two-fold:

  • To increase understanding of the social, political, environmental, biological and economic circumstances shaping the structure and operation of the food system that underpins citizens’ food choices.
  • To develop evidence-informed food policy solutions to reform food systems and promote public health nutrition outcomes.

The mission of the FPU is to be the leading unit in Australia for food policy research, training and advocacy.

Main projects and collaborations
Food policy unit staff