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Contractor Safety

Contractor Management System

For use of the Contract Manager:

Contract OHS Management System Guidelines (104 KB)The Guidelines describes how contracts can be classified and managed. A template is provided for each type of contract:

Each template refers to a suite of supporting documents listed below.

Contract Specification - Development of the Contract:

Risk Assessment:

Contractor Selection - Tender Evaluation:

Evaluate tenders against occupational health and safety criteria and ensure they have adequate systems in place to carry out the work safely.
For use of the Contract Manager:

The potential contractors can be asked to complete the following checklists:

The following checklist can be used to evaluate the potential contractor's OHS Management System:

Contract Finalisation: Disclosing Known Hazards

Contract Finalisation: Project or Site Safety

The contractor may be required to develop a Project OHS Plan or Site Safety Plan:

Contract Setup and Coordination:

Depending upon the activities carried out under the Contract, the Contractor may need to develop Job Safety Assessments or Safe Working Methods:

Contractor Induction:

Induct and register the contractor and ensure they are familiar with the University OHS management system.
The Contract Manager can use one of the following checklists:

Facilities Management Services offers works management services for trades and construction work normally undertaken by Faculties and Other Areas on a fee for service basis. These works may include erecting staging and stands or electrical works for special events.
As part of the induction process, the contractor must be informed of the University's safety rules:

Contract Supervision and Monitoring:

An important element of the contract management process is monitoring the contractor and undertaking inspections of the work and documenting the status of OHS performance. The frequency of inspections will depend on a range of criteria that will be determined by the Contract Manager based upon the hazards associated with the contract and the past performance of the contractor. The type of inspection or review will depend on the complexity of the contact. The following checklists and forms can be used or modified for your purposes.

Evaluating Contractor Performance:

Where areas of non-conformance are identified or specific serious risks noted as a result of inspections of the Contractor's operations, the Non-Conformance report form can be used. The report should be issued following consultation with the Contractor Representative and an agreed time frame should be documented on this report for the rectification of issues. Where the Contractor does not rectify the issue within the agreed timeframe a second Non-Conformance report may be issued or the University may consider suspension or termination of the contract if the issue is of sufficient significance.

Where a contractor may be included on a list of Approved Contractors, the Contractor Evaluation Form can be used:

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23rd August 2011