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WorkHealth Checks Program - September 2012

Free Health Checks for Staff

The WorkHealth program is a health and wellbeing initiative sponsored by WorkSafe Victoria as part of the Victorian Government's plan to improve the health of the Victorian workers and the productivity of workplaces. Since the launch of the program in 2010, more than 500,000 Victorian workers have undergone WorkHealth checks. WorkHealth checks have already helped thousands of Victorians understand their health risks and make some changes for the better. They can also provide reassurance that your health is on track and the things you have been doing to keep healthy are working. Participation is voluntary and each worker' results will always remain strictly confidential

An independent company, The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS), will be conducting the Work Health Checks at Deakin University September 10 - 28, 2012. All Deakin staff members are eligible and encouraged to participate.

What are WorkHealth Checks?

WorkHealth checks are confidential health assessments conducted in the workplace by a trained health professional. Specifically, each check takes approximately fifteen minutes

Here's what will happen if you sign up for a WorkHealth check:

  • You'll fill out a short survey about your lifestyle habits, such as eating, exercise and family history of health issues
  • A trained health professional will measure your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol levels, and waist
  • Your private results will be given to you on the spot, including your level of risk for developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • You will also receive advice on the healthy lifestyle changes that can help you reduce your risk of these chronic illnesses
  • You may also be invited to participate in a free, confidential program called WorkHealth Coach, which provides telephone support and advice for making positive health changes You can also find more information on the WorkHealth program at

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How to book your WorkHealth Check?

The WorkHealth checks will be conducted during work hours at each campus over the period September 10th - 21st , (10 – 28th September at the Burwood campus).

  1. Select the campus from the list of tables provided:

  2. Select a suitable date as listed in the campus table you have selected.

  3. Select the specific web link listed in the table for that date. This will take you directly to the Royal District Nursing web page so you can make a confidential electronic booking.

  4. If a suitable time is available for the day you have chosen, select the appropriate time, then select the "make a booking tab".

  5. Enter your details and select "submit profile to continue".

    IMPORTANT: Please add the name of the Faculty or Division you work in at the end of your surname. (For example: Smith – ITSD, Brown - Health ).All test results and the names of participants are entirely confidential and will not be provided to the University. This information will only assist us in providing feedback to each Faculty or division on the total number of their staff that have had a WorkHealth check conducted.

  6. You will receive a confirmation of your booking by return email.

  7. Complete the WorkHealth questionnaire (2 MB) and bring it with you to the appointment.

  8. Contact OHS Consultant Debra Bartolo, 03 52272671 if you have any difficulties booking an appointment.

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30th August 2012