Prize winners

Lynne Alice Prize
2014 Liana Papoutsis
2013 Claire van Herpen
2012 Emily Trevorrow
2011 Daniel Mission and Kara Densby
2010 Lucy Fenton

Dr Malcolm Crick Memorial Prize
2013 Alexandra Aaron
2012 Catherine West
2009 Connie Warren
2008 Adrian Trifilo
2007 Sally Crane

Robert McDonald Prize
2014 Grace Williams
2013 Andrew Thomas
2012 Liana Papoutsis

Roslyn Lawry Award
2013 Ms Jennifer Rowe
2012 Dr Anna Welch
2011 Anna Welch
2010 Luke James
2009 Carmel O'Keeffe
2008 Helen Hunter
2007 Sally Patfield
2006 Helen Laffin
2005 Jannelle Mikkelson
2004 Roana O'Neill
2003 Meredith Blake and Fiona Salmon
2002 Brian Hubber
2000 and 2001 Brett Clowes

The Arabic Student Prize for academic achievement and promotion of Arabic language and culture2013 Matthew Malone
2012 Alessandro Tamagnini

The Australian Studies Student Prizes
2013 Shirley Tape and Karen Champion
2012 Scott Marriott and Kerstin Elga Lindros

The Chinese Student Prize for academic achievement and promotion of the Chinese language
2013 Valentina Yakimov
2012 Hannah Polson

The Criminology Student Prize
2013 Daniel Ryan and Taylor McCaw
2012 Sally Kennedy and Aliya Tierney

The Roy Hay History Prize
2013 Daniel McCaughey
2012 Astrid Lasich

The Michele Langfield History Prize
2013 Sharon El Hitti
2012 Shelise Robertson

The Indonesian Student Prize for academic achievement and promotion of the language and culture of Indonesia
2013 Vanessa Crea
2012 Rhian Soedarsono

The First Year International Relations Student Prize
2013 Rose Smith
2012 Daniel Hussey

The First Year Prize in Middle East Studies
2013 Benjamin Scott
2012 Eugene Ryan

The Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Middle East Studies
2013 Michael Watson
2012 Ryan Struk

The Max Charlesworth Philosophy Prize
2013 Ezra Warren
2012 Lisa Couacaud

The Politics Student Prizes
2013 Trisha Villagonzalo and Mathew Howard
2012 Josh De Kruiff and Jayne Weepers

The Sociology Student Prize
2013 Erin Mulcaire
2012 Starr Edwina Brenton

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