School staff


Dr Sam Balaton-Chrimes
Dr Sean Bowden 
Dr Danielle Chubb
Dr Steven Cooke
Dr Joanna Cruickshank

Dr Leesa Davis
Dr Eugenia Demuro
Dr Bernie East
Dr Richard Evans

Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon
Dr Zouhir Gabsi
Dr Anna Halafoff
Dr Mat Hardy
Dr Diarmaid Harkin 
Dr Nicholas Henry
Dr Roland Kapferer
Dr Costas Laoutides
Dr Tanja Luckins 
Dr Anna Macgarvey
Dr Adam Molnar 
Dr Robert Nabben
Dr Amy Nethery
Dr Wendy O'Brien
Dr Sarah Pinto
Dr Fengqi Qian
Dr Patrick Stokes
Dr Gillian Tan
Dr Anthony Ware
Dr Vicki Ware 
Dr Alistair Welsh 
Dr Cai Wilkinson
Dr Bart Ziino
Ms Kristal Buckley
Mr Dean Coldicott
Ms Sophie Perreard
Dr Ben Wilkie

Associate Lecturers

Dr Ramon Lopez Castellano
Dr Bill Mihalopoulos 
Ms Clare Farmer
Mr Chris Linke

School Executive Officer

Ms Helen Andrew

Senior School Administrative Officer

Ms Lisa Morwood 

School Administrative Officers

Ms Emily Butcher
Ms Hazel Tan

Honorary appointments

Emeritus Professor Sue Kenny
Emeritus Professor Douglas Kirsner
Emeritus Professor William Logan (Alfred Deakin Professor)
Emeritus Professor Stan Van Hooft 
Honorary Professor Musliar
Honorary Professor John Lippit
Honorary Professor John McKay
Honorary Professor Timothy Reeves
Honorary Professor James Williams
Honorary Associate Professor Purushottama Bilimoria
Honorary Associate Professor Michele Langfield
Honorary Associate Professor Marilyn Poole
Honorary Associate Professor Claude Rakisits
Adjunct Professor Jacques Boulet
Adjunct Professor Tony Ellwood
Adjunct Professor Syd Giller
Adjunct Professor Patrick Greene
Adjunct Professor Roz Hansen
Adjunct Professor Jane Harrington
Adjunct Professor Darryl McIntryre
Adjunct Professor Marian Simms
Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Vines
Honorary Fellow Neil Burdess
Honorary Fellow Don Gibb
Honorary Fellow Andrew Hassett
Honorary Fellow Fiona Hill
Honorary Fellow Peter Mewett
Honorary Fellow Lindsay Rae
Honorary Fellow Daniela Voss
Honorary Fellow Heather Wallace
Honorary Fellow Ashley Woodward

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