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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a range of subject areas and courses that provide students with a rich understanding of the modern world, its international features, and its social and cultural dynamics.



Criminology is an engaging field of study with diverse career prospects and will provide you with a practical and professional education.

Humanities and Social SciencesHumanities and Social Sciences

Programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences are vital to improving your professional opportunities.


International studies & languages

Develop a systematic understanding of the international forces shaping government business and community life in the world today.

Within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, you will be able to better understand Australia and its place in the world through the study of Australian Studies, Anthropology, Criminology, History, International Relations, Politics, Sociology, Middle East Studies, and Philosophy. You can also learn Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian and Spanish.

Subject areas are taught by leading researchers in their fields. We welcome undergraduate, honours and masters students in a range of programs, and offer supervision to doctoral candidates.

As you begin your studies here at Deakin and within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, please do not hesitate to speak to academic or professional staff if you have any questions. We will be more than happy to help and provide assistance.

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The Arts degree is structured in a way that offers maximum flexibility. It gives you the opportunities to pursue your own interests and design courses of study that suit your needs. You may study particular areas in-depth or undertake a wide range of units.

You are required to complete at least one major sequence chosen from a variety of study areas. Up to one-third of the course may be taken outside the Faculty of Arts and Education, providing even greater possibilities for interesting course combinations.

Study majors


Honours is a specialised year of study that allows you to draw together the theory and practical skills gained in previous undergraduate studies and develop an in-depth knowledge of your particular discipline through research and additional course work.

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is available for the following areas of study:

Handbook/course details can be found in the above section ''Undergraduate (Bachelor) degrees' list.

BA Hons A400 Application (DOC, 42.0 KB)

Guide to Honours and the Presentation and Submission of a Thesis (PDF, 269.4 KB)

School Honours Coordinator

My job requires high standards of research and writing, flexibility, adaptability and an understanding of the current issues facing the criminal justice system - skills that were fostered and developed during my honours year



We aim to provide students at postgraduate level with an intellectually exciting education anchored in core disciplines and designed to develop the professional and vocational skills that are essential in the workplace of the 21st century.

Our programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences are vital to improving your own professional opportunities and to contributing to Australia as an equitable, humane and innovative society.

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