Information and Communication Technologies

ICT standards: Associated resources

The following technical information or supporting documentation is referenced in the ICT standards (via links to the documents below) but not embedded in the standards themselves.

ICT Volume 1 - Administrative Type Size
No associated resources    
ICT Volume 2 - Audio Visual Type Size
ICT 2.0 AV Standards Addenda and Updates    
Resource 2.0.1 AV Standards Addenda and Updates pdf 451 KB
ICT 2.2 AV Technical Design Standards    
Resource 2.2.2 Presentation Desks pdf 346 KB
ICT 2.3 AV Videoconferencing Standards    
Resource 2.3.1 Installing Videoconference Systems pdf 920 KB
Resource 2.3.2 Interior Design for Videoconferencing pdf 850 KB
ICT 2.7 AV Design Calculators, Tools and Resources    
Resource 2.7.1 AV Custom Approval Form doc 75 KB
Resource 2.7.2 Sight Lines pdf 536 KB
Resource 2.7.3 Microphone Placement  pdf 3 MB
Resource Table Microphone Configurator xlsx 655 KB
Resource Ceiling Microphone Configurator xlsx 985KB
Resource Ceiling Microphone Configurator - demo xlsx 986KB
Resource 2.7.4 Camera Presets pdf 567 KB
Resource 2.7.5 Commissioning Codec Form xlsx 2 MB
Resource 2.7.6 Commissioning Radio Microphone Form doc 110 KB
Resource 2.7.7 Videoconference Site Audit Form xlsx 136 KB
ICT Volume 3 - Applications Type Size
No associated resources    
ICT Volume 4 - Teaching and Learning Spaces Type Size
No associated resources    
ICT Volume 6 - Networks Type Size
Resource 6.2.1 Communications Room Checklist docx 100 KB


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