The IFM Board is responsible for the governance and oversight of the research, development and commercialisation activities of IFM.

Board members

Prof Jane den Hollander
Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University
Prof Peter Hodgson
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Deakin University
Chair, IFM Board
Prof Brendan Crotty
Pro Vice-Chancellor,
Faculty of Health, Deakin University
Prof Trevor Day
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment
Deakin University
Prof Xungai Wang
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Future Fibres
Deakin University
Prof Maria Forsyth
Associate Director, Institute for Frontier Materials
Deakin University
Prof Valerie Linton
External Independent Director
Prof Leonie Walsh
External Independent Director
Prof Gordon Wallace
External Independent Director
Mr David Marino
External Independent Director

Ex Officio Members

Mr Derek Buckmaster
Director, Carbon Nexus
Institute for Frontier Materials,
Deakin University
Dr Ben Spincer
Director, Deakin Research Commercial
Deakin University

Our corporate publications

Our publications provide a glimpse into some of the cutting edge research being carried out at IFM.

PDF IFM Annual Report 2016 -4.4MB Download the IFM Annual Report 2016

PDF IFM Strategic Plan.pdf -1.1MB Download the IFM Strategic Plan 2013–2018