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IFM's vision to inspire innovations in materials science and engineering involves working with industry partners to develop new materials and engineering solutions.
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IFM works with industry partners in a range of sectors both in Australia and internationally. We welcome enquiries from industry about how we can work with you to provide solutions to your materials problems. Below are some of our industry partners:

  • Excellerate Australia (Auto CRC)
  • Energy Pipelines CRC
  • Cotton R&D Corporation
  • Cytomatrix
  • HeiQ Australia
  • Defence Materials Technology Centre
  • Ford USA
  • Lincoln Agritech
  • Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Ltd
  • Yuntong Nanomaterials Technology Co
  • The Boeing Company
  • Australian Wool Innovation Ltd
  • Nplex Pty Ltd
  • DSTO
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research US
  • Sichuan ShangZhiDeng New Materials Co Ltd
  • H&M Foundation
  • Qenos
  • GT Recycling
  • Seeyao Electronics Co Ltd
  • General Motors Holdings LLC
  • Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America
  • Shandong Dongwo Carpet
  • Hyundai
  • Carpenter Technology Corp
  • Universal Alloy Corporation
  • Jiangsu BOHN Environmental Protection
  • Gale Pacific Ltd
  • Keech Australia Pty Ltd
  • OneSteel Wire Pty Ltd
  • Ford Australia
  • Callidus Welding Solutions
  • TFS Corporation
  • Shandong Dongwo Carpet
  • Clean TeQ
  • Zhik Pty Ltd
  • Dongfang Turbine Co
  • FMP Group Aust Pty Ltd.

Deakin had this really extensive experience in silk and silk fibroin and it grew from there, it grew from a wonderful relationship between scientists. Geography has made absolutely no difference, it's just because the people really want to work together, it has been very productive. It's one of the best collaborations in science that I've worked in and I think it's because the people are right and they want it to work.

Winthrop Professor Marcus Atlas

surgeon scientist and Director of Ear Science Institute Australia