Advanced Characterisation Facility

Understanding material properties, structure and composition is fundamental to the development of new materials for use in key areas such as healthcare, energy, IT and transport. While the need for these materials is growing rapidly, Deakin’s state of the art facilities ensure we can stay ahead of demand.
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Bridging the gap

IFM is recognised globally for applications-based materials research. Our niche in the materials research field has been to bridge the gap between engineering and science by applying a broad range of advanced characterisation techniques to real-world issues including fatigue, energy and corrosion.

Our staff

The academic and technical staff at the Institute for Frontier Materials’ Advanced Characterisation Facility are experts in their field.

Academic staff

Director of Advanced Characterisation
Dr Ross Marceau      
TEM Instrument Specialist
Dr Pavel Cizek      
TEM Instrument Specialist
Dr Ilana Timokhina      
X-ray Specialist
Dr Peter Lynch      
Research Fellow
Dr Jiangting Wang
Senior Lecturer (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility)
Dr Luke O'Dell
Research Fellow (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility)
Dr Haijin Zhu

Technical staff

Manager of Electron Microscopy
Dr Andrew Sullivan
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility Manager
Dr Elizabeth Ankers
Manager of Focused Ion Beam Microscopy
Dr Mark Nave
Manager of TEM Operations
Rosey Van Driel
Cross Platform Specialist
Dr Adam Taylor
Micro-characterisation Technician
Rob Pow
SEM specialist/ APT and TEM support
Dr Huaying (Maggie) Yin

Support staff

Neoscope, ACE600, facility consumables
Mr Kyle Nelson

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