Our staff

Carbon Nexus provides industry with access to a team of globally-recognised high technology materials experts who deliver the solutions that businesses and researchers need for a genuine competitive advantage.

Research team

Professor of Bionanotechnology
Professor Tiffany Walsh
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Claudia Creighton
Research Fellow 
Dr Mandy De Souza
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Luke Henderson
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Minoo Naebe
Research Fellow
Dr Hamid Khayyam

Research Fellows

Research Fellow
Nishar Hameed
Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Steven Agius

Research Engineers

Research Engineer in Composites
Tristan Alexander          
Research Engineer in Composites
Madhu Suryanarayana          
Carbon Fibre and Composite Research Engineer
Alexis Leblais

Technical team

General Manager, Carbon Nexus
Steve Atkinson          
Carbon Fibre Technical Officer
Pedro Sousa          
Carbon Fibre and Composites Technical Officer
Katrina Robertson