Research strengths

Research at the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) leads and inspires innovation in materials, science and engineering – providing transformational benefits to society.

Alloy design and processing

Reducing the weight of vehicles for increased fuel efficiency is a high priority and this has intensified the focus on lightweight metals.

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Biomaterials and biomimicry

Biomaterials and biomimicry research takes inspiration from the materials and processes found naturally in the universe and helps to solve human problems.

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Corrosion and protection

Corrosion research at Deakin targets desalination and water infrastructure, oil and gas refining and production, defence and aerospace, mining and power industries.

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Electromaterials and membranes

Electromaterials research at IFM aims to develop new energy technologies through the creation of new electroactive materials.

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Fibres, polymers, composites and textiles

Research into fibres, polymers, composites and textiles is carried out in collaboration with CSIRO as part of the Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre (AFFRIC) and also within the ARC Future Fibres Hub.

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Materials and process modelling

Materials and process modelling research is all about prediction. We develop and apply advanced computer modelling at the molecular level. This is based on fundamental principles of chemistry, physics and mathematics to predict properties and behaviours of anything that is composed of atoms and molecules.

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Nanotechnology and plasma technology

Nanotechnology research at Deakin is focused on developing novel nanomaterials and using nanotechnology to solve some of today's challenges in energy storage, environmental protection, and health and medical issues. Plasma is an exciting, environmentally friendly way of shaping materials for scientific and industrial applications.

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ARC Future Fibres Hub

The Future Fibres Hub is an Australian Research Council (ARC) supported initiative helping to transform Australian fibres and textiles manufacturing. Researchers in the hub are developing novel fibre technologies to facilitate more sustainable, advanced manufacturing of fibre materials.

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