From human in the loop to human on the loop

Research and applications in Robotics and Haptics

The role of humans in current robotics ecosystem will shift from being “in the loop” to “on the loop” where robots are deployed

Professor Saeid Nahavandi, director of IISRI, presents an invited talk in IEEE SMC 2018 conference on October 9, 2018 in Miyazaki, Japan. The talk focuses on the transition from “human in the loop” to “human on the loop” in the field of robotics and haptics.

In this talk, Professor Nahavandi argues that most existing robotic systems have human involvement in some way, shape or form. To achieve a robot assisted mission, the human is often in the loop, performing a critical task to the mission that comes with its own weakness and disadvantage. Professor Nahavandi predicts that the role of humans in this ecosystem will shift from being in the loop to on the loop where robots are deployed. In this talk, he covered aspects of robotics and haptics research and their applications. He also highlighted major challenges in the journey towards full autonomy and the shift from human in the loop to human on the loop.

More details on this talk can be found in SMC 2018 conference program booklet or can be requested by emailing his office.