Institute of Koorie Education

Examination Guidelines

It is essential that all students keep Confirmation of Enrolment details which are sent to students on completion of their enrolment. It is also important to keep records of any subsequent variations to your enrolment which may affect examinations.

On receipt of exam notification, you must contact the Examination Coordinators, at the Institute of Koorie Education, to confirm with them your exam supervision details. It is essential that you are aware of the date, time, place and supervisor of your exams.

It is your responsiility to seek this information from the Examination Coordinators prior to the examinations period. Applications for Special Consideration in Assessment must be lodged within 72 hours of examination date.

PLEASE NOTE: Pay close attention to the Special Consideration Eligibilty information pamphlet attached to these guidelines. Exam arrangements are neither flexible nor negotiable. Exams must be sat on the date indicated on the examination notification letters. Candidates must present themselves at the examination location shortly prior to the commencement of reading times.

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16th November 2010