Our team and publications

IMPACT is led by Director Professor Michael Berk and Deputy Director Professor Julie Pasco. Our team of professors, associate professors, postdoctoral fellows, research fellows and students, clinicians and administrative assistants work hard to advance our understanding of mental and physical health.


Director/Alfred Deakin Professor of Psychiatry
Professor Michael Berk

Deputy Director/HDR Coordinator
Professor Julie Pasco


Associate Professor
Dr Seetal Dodd
Associate Professor
Felice Jacka
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Sharon Brennan
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Lana Williams
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Lesley Berk
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Olivia Dean
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Brisa Simoes Fernandes
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Nick Fredman
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Kara Holloway
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Alyna Turner
Research Fellow
Katherine Bennett
Research Fellow
Amelia Betson
Research Fellow
Gosia Bucki-Smith
Research Fellow
Bianca Kavanagh
Research Fellow
Ms Amanda Stuart

Administration staff

Communications Officer
Brianna Doolan 
Administration/PA to Professor Michael Berk
Jane Meier
Administration/PA to Professor Julie Pasco
Cathy Verecondi
Administrative Assistant
Ashleigh Nicholson


Name Project title
Samantha L. DawsonTargeting the prenatal diet for maternal and infant gut health
Emma GliddonDiscussion Forum Engagement in an Online Intervention for Bipolar Disorder
Vinoomika (Veena) ChandrasekaranBipolar Disorder and Bone Health
M. Amber SajjadAcute Health Service Utilisation in Diabetes Mellitus: A Project in Western Victoria
Lelia L. F. de AbreuDysglycaemia in women
Pamela Godspower RufusBone Material Strength: A New Method for Determining the Material Properties of Bone
Melanie AshtonThe efficacy of adjunctive Garcinia mangostana linn (mangosteen) pericarp for bipolar depression: A 24-week double-blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial
Sophia Xin Sui Muscle power and brain power
Stephanie CowderyThe Impact of Mental Health on Cancer Associated Mortality
Sarah DashBiological pathways that mediate between diet and depression
Jo DipnallThe development of a clinical risk assessment tool for predicting depression
Sarah HoskingUnderstanding the role of health literacy in the prevention of osteoporosis
Natalie HydeGestational vitamin D and development in offspring
Amelia McGuinnessMICRO-‘SCOPE: A study of diet, gut microbiota and mental health in community-dwelling adults