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WIL programs

Deakin offers a range of flexible and diverse internship and work placement opportunities for students designed to meet employers needs.  These include:


An internship is an arrangement between a student, their faculty and an employer that enables experiential learning in an area related to the students course and career goals. Internships are normally undertaken toward the end of the students qualification, require previous study in the relevant discipline and have specific goals attached to the student's course as well as skill development objectives.

These internships are generally unpaid, and may require the students to complete a specified number of work hours (although the time frame over which the work takes place may be negotiable). The negotiated internship usually involves specific tasks or a project monitored by a supervisor in the workplace.

Internships are offered by:

Industry based learning

Industry-based Learning (IBL) involves students working full-time in industry as part of their degree program to develop employability skills and capabilities in the area that they are majoring in. The IBL placement is incorporated into a Faculty unit as an elective and credited to the degree.

A majority of placements are on a full-time paid basis but there are some part-time positions. Typically, students will not undertake any study during a full-time IBL placement but it may be possible to complete an online unit.

For more information about IBL placements, please see below:

Work placements

Many courses within the four Faculties at Deakin University offer or require work placements, field education or work experience to students.

Many courses such as health, environmental science, politics and education have structured work placements in professional practice units. Other courses encourage students to undertake work placements for industry recognition purposes and/or to build their skills and their resumes.

These vary in duration from one week to one trimester, in time commitment during the placement itself and in assessment requirements.

Employers interested in hosting a work placement, practicum or field education are invited to complete the online expression of interest form.

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