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Professor Wanlei ZhouOur vision is to benefit society by training tomorrow's technology leaders and engineering a technology-driven future: via our cutting-edge research, our collaborations with industry, and our innovative teaching programmes. In this way we help Deakin University to achieve its vision of being Australia's most progressive university. Deakin is already Australia's fastest growing research university, and the School has contributed enormously to this impressive research growth.

The School offers a range of teaching programmes in information technology covering a broad spectrum from telecommunications, through mathematics, to the information technology end of the spectrum which covers IT security, computer science and software development, games design and development, network computing, mobile and apps development, and information technology services.

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees with specialisms in these areas, in addition to higher degrees by research. As Australia 's most experienced provider of quality distance education, Deakin offers flexible study options that enable courses to be completed in conjunction with career, family and travel plans.

The School prides itself on the relevance of its degrees to industry, and its responsiveness to the rapidly changing demands of the employers in the information technology industries. We have strong relationships with industry, providing opportunities for students to gain work experience as part of their degree.

In addition, an Advisory Board consisting of key industry leaders works closely with the School to ensure the relevance of the curriculum and to help us define and develop the skills set that employers expect of top graduates.

We also have an eye firmly focused on the future needs of industry. We expect that the emerging importance of the info-bio-nano technology convergence and the adoption of National Broadband Network will have a major impact on the information technology industries within the next ten years, and so we are focused now on building our capabilities in this exciting intersection of cross-disciplinary fields.

We are constantly revising and updating our activities, and focused on continuous process improvement, in order to achieve our vision. It is certainly an exciting time to be part of the information technology field and we hope you accept our offer to join us in this exciting future: whether you be a prospective student, potential industry partner, or potential research collaborator.

I hope this website provides you with the information you seek, and please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

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