Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory

Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory (DSTIL) provides innovative products, technologies and solutions for industry across all sectors.

A multidisciplinary approach

DSTIL uses rapid development environments that are client responsive. It draws on knowledge and resources from the Industry Innovation Laboratory, the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures and other Deakin strategic research centres.

Major research areas

DSTIL leverages Deakin's established research and development capability. This includes expertise in:

  • cloud and mobile computing 
  • software development 
  • cyber physical systems 
  • security and analytics to deliver software and technology innovation in health
  • cyber security and defence 
  • data tools and analytics 
  • smart environments 
  • food and agriculture.

Our staff

Lab directors

Director, DSTIL
Professor Kon Mouzakis
Deputy Director, DSTIL
Professor Rajesh Vasa

Group members

Software Engineering Manager
Allan Jones
Product Manager
Andrew Vouliotis
Senior Software Engineer
Joost Funke Kupper
Senior Software Engineer
Rohan Liston
Software Engineer
David Willie
Software Engineer
Stefanus Kurniawan
Software Engineer
Tanya Frank
Software Engineer
Rhys Adams
Software Engineer
Shannon Pace
Research Fellow
Niroshinie Fernando
Data Analyst
Nicola Pastorello
Lecturer In Mobile Computing And Apps
Mohamed Abdelrazek
Junior Software Engineer
Stan Kowalczyk
3D Artist
Kerim Bogarts
PhD candidate
Andrew Simmons
Data Analyst
Maria Mitrevska
Junior Software Engineer
Matt Hannah
Junior Software Engineer
Rhys Hill

Contact us

Professor Kon Mouzakis
+61 3 9246 8041
Email Prof. Mouzakis

Deputy director
Professor Rajesh Vasa
+61 3 9246 8060
Email Prof. Vasa