Distributed Systems and Security Research Cluster

The Distributed Systems and Security (DSS) Research Cluster carries out cutting-edge research on the security and efficiency of networked computer systems. 

We harness sparsely distributed computing resources and apply modern information technology to effectively and efficiently support student learning.

Major research areas

Network security

  • Network traffic classification
  • Malware modelling, detection and prevention
  • Network resource scheduling
  • IP traceback
  • Trusted computing and authentication

Service and cloud computing

  • Cloud tools for bioinformatics
  • Automation of cloud application deployment and exposure
  • Hydrocarbon exploration and discovery model
  • SLA management framework
  • Failure-aware hybrid cloud resource provisioning
  • Unicinus, HPCynergy, and RVWS framework

Reliable and efficient computing

  • Energy efficient distributed computing
  • Accurate and early detection of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy
  • Online dispute resolution for e-Health record disputes
  • QoS-aware dynamic data management
  • RFID and Internet of Things
  • Social networks
  • Wireless sensor networks

Information technology for future education

  • Delivering community to co-located students: a virtual studio using games and interactive virtual environments
  • Using tablet-based technologies for more student learning opportunities 
  • Beyond apps: engaging IT students with their studies to improve career planning and preparation
  • The role of online technologies in information management and knowledge transfer
  • Technology-enhanced intervention strategies for student support

Our staff

Contact us

Group Director
Professor Wanlei Zhou
+61 3 9251 7603
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Group Director
Professor Jemal Abawajy
+61 3 5227 1376
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