Higher Degree by Research (HDR)

Students interested in studying for a Higher Degree by Research please visit Deakin Research or contact one of the following for further information:

Prof Yong Xiang
Associate Head of School (Research)

A/Prof Jo Coldwell-Neilson
School HDR Coordinator

Dr Honghua Dai
HDR Campus Coordinator

Higher Degree by Research - Current Students

Updated: 20 May 2015

Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor

Isredza Rahmi A Hamid

Phishing Detection and Traceback Mechanism

Prof Jemal Abawajy

Ahmad Shaker Abdalrada

Development of techniques for efficient and reliable computer networks

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Maslina Abdul Aziz

Enterprise Systems Engineering

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Asma'A Nasser Ahmad

Defense against packet dropping attacks in opportunistic networks

Dr Robin Ram Mohan Doss

Masitah Ahmad

Service Level Agreements framework for Libraries

Prof Jemal Abawajy

Fahed Matar Al Neyadi

Securely Sharing Dynamic Medical Information in e-Health

Prof Jemal Abawajy

Tahsien Ali Hussein Al-QuraishiDNA sequences analysis

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Majeed Alajeely

Security and privacy in opportunistic wireless networks

Dr Robin Ram Mohan Doss

Rusuul Dh. Abdul Jabar Al-AnniCancer prognosis based on knowledge discovery from clinic and biological data setsDr Jingyu Hou
Gaith AliyevSecurity in tags ownership transfer in RFID systemDr Morshed Chowdhury

Baker Alrubaiey

Security Issues and Challenges in Network Virtualization

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim Amain

A fully evaluator for public key cryptosystems using neural networks techniques.

Prof Lynn Batten

Hasseeb Dawood Injas AzzawiComputational models and approaches for cancer diagnosisDr Jingyu Hou

Sherwin Ballesteros

Increasing situational awareness to predict cyber attacks

Prof Lynn Batten

Adham Beykikhoshk

Machine learning for large scale real world problems

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Siew Mai BongNovel approach to interactable visualisationDr Shaun Bangay
Vijay ChakravarthyMobile payment systemProf John Yearwood

Chao Chen

Statistical Feature Based Real-Time Internet Traffic Classification

Prof Yang Xiang

Sachin ClementDiscovery of causal model with hidden variablesDr Honghua Dai

Zhao Chuan Chen

Mobile Device Management by Bring Your Own Device

Prof Wanlei Zhou

Amra Copcic

Effects of Perma-Death on Game-Play and User Experience

Dr Michael Hobbs

Duy Dao

Robust Detection of Online Social Changes: Towards Ubiquitous Surveillance of Online Texts

Dr Dinh Phung

Jahangir Dewan

System Architecture, Content Authentication and DRM for eLearning

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Suzan Said Metwally Elbadry

Develop an Invariance Model for Spectral Image Watermarking

Prof Yong Xiang

Nusrat Fatema

Deployment of jamming attacks and counterattacks on 5G Mobile

Prof Yong Xiang

Ashley Fox

Malware detection for mobile platforms

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Sara Ghanavati

Detect and Control Congestion By Balancing Traffic Load in WSN.

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Shivapratap Gopakumar

Learning Side Information to Improve Predictive Models

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Peter Anthony Huf

Algebraic computing and tensors in general relativity

Dr John Carminati

Huu Viet Huynh

Towards Scalable Bayesian Nonparametric Methods for Data Analytics

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Sohail Iqbal Malik

Role of ADRI model in teaching and assessing novice programmers

A/Prof Jo Coldwell-Neilson

Jiaojiao Jiang

The structure and function of complex networks

Dr Shui Yu

Yongqing Jiang

Computational Approaches of Protein Function Prediction Using Reliable High-throughput Data

Prof Wanlei Zhou

James KangHealth based technology for developing countries: mobile health and application modelsDr Henry Larkin

Md Tanzim Khorshed

Combating cyber attacks in cloud computing using machine learning techniques

Prof Yang Xiang

Cheng Li

Exploiting side information in Bayesian nonparametric models and their applications

Dr Dinh Phung

Donghai Liu

A Proactive Privacy Protecting System in Social Network

Prof Yang Xiang

Shaowu Liu

Machine learning methods for behavior informatics.

Dr Gang Li

Shigang Liu

Reliable Approaches for Massive Data Mining based on Fuzzy Learning

Dr Honghua Dai

Kasra Majbouri YazdiIntelligent tutoring systems for tactical strategiesProf Wanlei Zhou

Owen Makin

Strategy recognition to quantify balance in real-time multi-player strategy games

Dr Shaun Bangay

Sophie McKenzie

A framework to support IT tertiary students in career development

A/Prof Jo Coldwell-Neilson

Abid MehmoodMultimodal sentiment analysis and opinion mining

Prof Yong Xiang

Ahmed Abdulateef Mohammed

Development of Robust Human Face Recognition Techniques

Prof Yong Xiang

Zulkefli Mohd Yusop

An Approach to Mitigate Collaborative Insiders Attacks in Cloud Computing Environment

Dr Michael Hobbs

Subhasis Mukherjee

A smart phone-based intelligent system for remote detection of cardiovascular disease and heart monitoring

Prof Jemal Abawajy

Chee Keong (Allan) NgResearch in Social Media Information PropagationProf Yang Xiang

Cong Thuong Nguyen

Machine learning for pervasive social signals and applications

Dr Dinh Phung

Thanh Binh Nguyen

Detection and Tracking of Topics and Groups of Social Media Communication

Dr Dinh Phung

Tien Vu Nguyen

Data Modelling with Bayesian Nonparametric Models and Applications

Dr Dinh Phung

Tu Dinh Nguyen

Applied machine learning for medical data analysis

Dr Dinh Phung

Dang Pham Hai NguyenData mining based approaches for human activity recognitionProf Svetha Venkatesh
Thanh Dai NguyenA statistical model for healthcare analysis and clinical predictionProf Svetha Venkatesh

Mohd Izuan Hafez Ninggal

Privacy-preserving Data Publishing for Social Network

Prof Jemal Abawajy

Paul PerversiSupporting deliberation in multi-disciplinary team decision makingProf John Yearwood
Trang Thi Minh PhamBiological system modelling for healthcareProf Svetha Venkatesh

Ahadur Rahaman

Security of Mobility Management System

Prof Jemal Abawajy

Biplob Rakshit Ray

Protocol for Securing (Privacy, Confidentiality and Integrity) Data of RFID Tag and Users

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

Faizal Riaz-ud-Din

Security in Clouds

Prof Wanlei Zhou

Manjeet SinghUsability of persuasive technologies and its impact on e-commerce websitesDr Henry Larkin

Keshav Sood

Uncovering Malicious Networks in Cyberspace

Dr Shui Yu

Aaron SpenceFurthering the effectiveness of embedded, sensing, and non-invasive technology for the futureDr Shaun Bangay

Saravanan Subramanian

Understanding patterns of movement and communication in semi-rural India through pervasive sensing for improved health and well-being

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Tinu Theckel JoySupporting requirements elicitation and prioritization for software development tools through topic and opinion miningProf Svetha Venkatesh

Warnakulasuriya Menik Randi Tissera

Information discovery for wireless sensor networks

Dr Robin Ram Mohan Doss

Benjamin Jonathan TownsendCommunications for a bio-monitoring system featuring data security, remote telemetry and carrier agnostic data transmissionProf Jemal Abawajy

Pratibha Vellanki

Machine Learning in Pervasive Healthcare and Early intervention.

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Derek Wang

Protein Function Prediction Algorithm Based on Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) Networks

Dr Jingyu Hou

Mengmeng YangModelling and defence against the propogation of rumours in online social networksProf Wanlei Zhou

Purnomo Yustianto

Building Open Government Information System

Dr Robin Ram Mohan Doss

Xin Zhang

Face Recognition Against Large Pose Variations

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Yuexin Zhang

Key Management in Heterogeneous Networks

Prof Yang Xiang

Tianrui Zong

Robust Digital Image Watermarking

Prof Yong Xiang

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