LET’S Move!

To determine whether you may be eligible to participate in the study, please answer the following questions.

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Registration questions
Are you female and aged 45-65 years? *
Do you spend a large proportion of the day sitting? *
Would you be willing to consume a milk-derived fortified drink daily for 4-months? *
Would you be willing to exercise at a local gym twice a week throughout the study? *
Where did you hear/read about this study?
If you do not qualify for this study, would you like to be contacted about future health-related studies run at Deakin University (Please note this will not affect your eligibility for this study (LET’S MOVE!) in any way) *

Data Collection Statement: The information collected is only used to help us determine your eligibility to take part in the LET’S MOVE! study. It will be shared only with members of the LET’S MOVE! research team and will not be used for any other purpose.