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Deakin Teaching and Learning Conference 2011

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Educating the professions: new curricula, new pedagogies and new technologies

Day 1 - Wednesday 2 November 2011

9:30am Registration and refreshments
Location: Sports Stadium
Welcome to CReaTe
Professor John Catford, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Location: LT13
10:20am-11:25am Keynote - The new assessment agenda: equipping students for the continuing challenges of learning and assessment in higher education
Professor David Boud
Location: LT13

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Theme Developing sessional staff
Teaching challenges
Mobile flexible education
Role play simulations Classroom innovation
Convenor Colin Mason
Kim Atkinson
Dale Holt
Stephen Segrave
Mary Dracup

Growing our own: a scalable, sustainable model to engage, support and transform our sessional teachers
Susie Macfarlane, Gayani Samarawickrema, Ian Story, Bernie Marshall and Elysha Koekoek

Supporting Deakin's sessional teachers to educate for the professions
Terry Timberlake

'My University' and new accountabilities in teaching
Professor Karen Starr and Professor Marcia Devlin

Teaching students from low socioeconomic backgrounds: new pedagogies or just good teaching?(research briefing)
Professor Marcia Devlin and Dr Jade McKay

Flexible education: mapping and shaping mobile technology use in teaching and learning at Deakin
(paper & short workshop)
Dr Wendy Sutherland-Smith (project leader), Dr Leanne Ngo, Colin Bates, Adrian Bruch, Kate Duxbury, Brett Fuller, Tim Hetherington, Ross Monaghan and Paul O’Donoghue
Student presenters including: Jessie Wilkie; Alyssa Sabatucci, Maddison Rawson, Kate Frazer, Jessica Stewart, Sophie Tudor, Melanie Pollack, Alex Millar, Praba Bangaroo, Ariana Leane, Matthew Scott and Sharnelle Vella

Using on-line interactive simulation for teaching communication skills for medical students in rural and remote settings
Sharyn Milnes

Using online role play to foster equity and improve learning outcomes
Dr Sally Totman and Mat Hardy

Enhancing the BOS (Bums on Seats)performance for 1st year on-campus classes
Simon Cavenett

Flipping your classroom
Ian Story and Susie Macfarlane

12.30pm-1.35pm Lunch and poster sessions
Location: Sports Stadium
1.40pm-3.00pm STALGS (Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant Scheme) presentations
Location: LT13

Exploring inter-professional and inter-industry education: outcomes and future directions
Helen Larkin, Susan Ang, Danielle Hitch, Valerie Watchorn, Stephen Segrave, Merrin McCracken, Dale Holt and Hisham Elkadi

Towards Deakinopolis: a cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty simulation development

Karen Le Rossignol

3.00pm-3.25pm Afternoon tea  and poster sessions
Location: Sports Stadium

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Theme Online and material development
Graduate preparation
Leading teaching
Innovative pedagogies
Research briefings
Convenor Stephen Segrave
Wendy Sutherland-Smith
Colin Mason
Zofia Pawlaczek
Dale Holt

Using gamefication in assessment to motivate deep learning in students studying computer game development
Tim Wilkin, Shaun Bangay and Michael Hobbs

Navigating the visual world: using e learning technologies to create a blended immersive multiuser virtual and real world teaching and learning environment

Jenny Grenfell

Creating a USP via IT, iPad and iPhone: the rapidly evolving Property and Real Estate course and flexible delivery

Professor Richard Reed and Dr Leanne Ngo

Active content for preparation of teaching materials

Shaun Bangay

Partnering with the professions: employer focus groups' recommendations for preparing graduates
Panel facilitator: Sabrina Chakman

Employer panel

  • 45 minutes: facilitated panel discussion
  • 45 minutes: questions and open discussion - conclude with call to action

Embedding personal development planning in postgraduate programs: step one - reflective practice
Dr Jan Moore

Does cohort size matter when teaching?
Dr. Rodney Arambewela, John McElvaney (presenter), Leanne Morris and Associate Professor Greg Wood

Perceived role of the unit chair: an exploratory study

Ambika Zutshi, Allison Ringer and Andrew Creed (presenter

The criteria of effective teaching in universities of the future: my University, my goodness?

Professor Marcia Devlin, Professor Karen Starr and Associate Professor Angela Carbone

Development of a nutrition competency framework for medical education (research briefing)

Marjo Roshier-Taks, Joanne Smissen, Stuart Palmer, Ian Story and Caryl Nowson

Using Google Earth as a support in an introductory earth science unit
John Hingston

Beyond the textbook in "service" teaching

John Carmichael

A good practice: group work linking with real-world experience and winning national awards

Shirani Gamlath

Developing essential language and literacy tools for early childhood education(research briefing)
Dr. Sarah Ohi

Industry educators’ perceptions of student outcomes arising from team-based learning
Elizabeth Oldland, David Glanville, Dr Julie Considine and Dr Judy Currey

Designing team-based learning modules to meet professional critical care nursing competency

Dr Judy Currey, Elizabeth Oldland, Dr Julie Considine and David Glanville

A framework for academic skills progression: transition pedagogy in social work

Dr Sophie Goldingay, Juliana Ryan, Dennis Farrugia, Susie Macfarlane, Norah Hosken, Greer Lamaro, Danielle Hitch and Claire Nihill

Developing graduate attributes through collaborative online concept mapping

Dr Ria Hanewald

Teaching and learning issues of undergraduate early childhood education courses: a progress report

Dr Bonnie Hoi Yin Yim, Jenny Grenfell, Dr Sarah Ohi and Phillipa Hodder

5.45pm-7.00pm Cocktail reception & awards presentation
Location: Richard Searby Room

Day 2 - Thursday 3 November 2011

9:30am-10.00am Registration and refreshments
Location: Sports Stadium

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Theme Deakin Studies Online (DSO)
Reflective and experiential learning
Assessment (morning) Curriculum development
Learning, teaching and research communities and mentoring
Convenor Trish McCormick
Zofia Pawlaczek
Stuart Palmer
Terry Timberlake Jim Pettigrew

Why Desire2Learn?
Ian Story and Jo Smissen

Creating inclusive online teaching and learning practices in Desire2Learn units and courses

Dr Leanne Ngo, Dr Mary O’Sullivan and Dr Zofia Pawlaczek

Mashing it up: student learning and engagement in Deakin Studies Online

Daisy Tyson, Kris Paterson and Sharee Crocker

How are DSO technologies being integrated and used to enable high quality learning in the professions?

Georgia Babatsikos

The classroom 'In Country': experiential learning of indigenous legal studies
Associate Professor Julie Cassidy

Promoting the creation of meaning through reflective e-journaling in the study of ageing

Tess Knight

How do we teach and engage students in reflective practice in a medical curriculum?

Sharyn Milnes, Evelyne D'Leeuw, Alister Ward and Karen D'Souza

A pedagogy of reflective knowledge in medical education

Gerard Finnigan and Evelyne de Leeuw

Custom essay writing: an exploration
Tony Chalkley and Toija Cinque - with thanks to Sarah Paddle and Paul Bethell for their support

Assessment strategy and the quality assurance framework in clinical years of the Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS)
David Kramer and Karen D'Souza

Learning through the Deakin authentic teacher assessment task

Julie Dyer

Working collaboratively in a group assignment using a MediaWiki for an architecture and construction management undergraduate unit

Dr Linda Osman-Schlegel, Gail Fluker and SinTie Cheng

Course mapping to develop and renew curricula
Paul Gastin, Andrew Dawson, Natalie Saunders and Steve Selig

Achievement matters: external peer review of accounting learning standards

Kim Watty

What multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches are being designed into curricula, and with what effect?

Janine McBurnie, Sue Noy, Teresa Capetola and Kimberley James

Using professionally derived core competencies as a tool for curriculum renewal in postgraduate human nutrition

Dr Sharleen O’Reilly, Dr Lynn Riddell and Dr Susan Torres

Bringing their profession futures to life: inspiring student success through a community of health
Melinda Thomas, Barb Edwards, Jane Nixon, Ben Humphreys and Grace Sinclair

Cross discipline and across campus collaboration: establishing teaching and research communities in Arts and Education and Science and Technology

Adrian Bruch and Sophie McKenzie

"There ain't no cure for the second year blues" - until now that is: a transition framework assisting student progression at Deakin University

Jan West, Janine McBurnie and Malcolm Campbell

Community-engaged learning: Supporting students with socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to access higher education

Dr Linda Wilson, Matt Ebden and Dr Susan J King

12.00pm-12.55pm Lunch and poster sessions
Location: Sports Stadium

12.30pm - Demonstrating the new Echo360 lecture capture system and Cloudstor
Location: LT 13
Peter Bright
Location Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Theme Evaluating Deakin Studies Online (DSO)
Variety of topics - 1
Variety of topics - 2 Assessment (afternoon) Variety of topics - 3
Convenor Kim Atkinson
Colin Mason
Stephen Segrave
Gail Fluker
Terry Timberlake

Evaluating the new DSO (panel discussion)
Dale Holt, Stuart Palmer, Mary Dracup, Jim Pettigrew, Avi Hanner, Marie Van Der Klooster, Shona Leitch, Ian Story, Gery Karantzas, Debra Petty, Andrew Vandenberg and Jon Gould

Discourses of innovation – what do we think they are?
Assoc Professor Claire Macken, Kieran Lim, Dr Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Dr Debra Bateman and Kate Duxbury

Student involvement in teaching and learning: improving learning experiences to enhance academic and professional aspirations

Lynn Morrison

Developing and assessing Deakin graduate attributes through team-based learning

Elizabeth Oldland

Making connections: initiatives to use mobile technology in journalism education
Paul Bethell, Martin Hirst and Ivo Burum

"Who says you have to be able to spell to be a lawyer?" Access to the professions through the lens of disability

Merrin McCracken

Online toolkit for clinical facilitators of the School of Nursing and Midwifery undergraduate students

Dr Helen Forbes, Dr Nikki Phillips, Dr Barbara West, Karen Morison and Linda Rhodes

A case study evaluation of the introduction of rubric-based assessment practices in a postgraduate unit (virtual presentation)
Dr Lisa Hanna and Sarah Barter-Godfrey

A grounded theory study exploring the design, development and contextualization of rubrics for the purpose of assessing learning outcomes (research briefing)

Dr Leanne Ngo, Dr Zofia Pawlaczek and Serene Chen

ReALTiME: teaching Aboriginal community health in clinical internships

Gerard Finnigan, Evelyne de Leeuw and Ekramul Hoque

The Canadian response to aboriginal residential schools: Lessons for Australia and the United States?
Associate Professor Julie Cassidy

Storytelling: a new pedagogy for a blend of teaching and learning activities

Associate Professor Diane Phillips

An action research project to introduce 'learning lab' delivery in a post-graduate unit (research briefing)
Sarah Barter-Godfrey (presenter) and Margaret Shield

2.30pm-2.55pm Afternoon tea and poster sessions
Location: Sports Stadium
3.00pm-4.00pm Deakin's curriculum review and transformation initiative (CReaTe) leadership panel discussion
Deakin is embarking on an ambitious curriculum review and transformation initiative over the next three years called CReaTe. This session will introduce the initiative and the recently appointed work stream leaders. The underlying assumptions and ideas informed by earlier university workshops will be introduced, and a panel session will be facilitated for wider discussion.

Location: LT13
Panel members
Professor Christopher Gray and CReaTe work stream leaders
4.00pm-4.15pm CLOSE
Location: LT13

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

7th November 2011