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Professional Development for Teaching and Learning

The fundamentals program

The Fundamentals of teaching and learning is a new program of face-to-face professional development that focuses on driving excellence in classroom situated teaching and learning. The program has been developed to assist new staff who are relatively inexperienced university educators, although more experienced academics are welcome to participate as well. It is suitable for both academics and sessional teachers.

The program modules have been developed with an emphasis on building the foundations of teaching in higher education environments. The underlying rationale of the program is that 'good' teaching is based on doing the fundamentals well. Individual workshops focus on specific topics including teaching large classes, tutorials and teaching online. The key issues of internationalisation, assessment and feedback are also covered.

These sessions provide ideas and opportunities for discussion and development of an understanding of adult learning theory, effective presentation skills, means of preparing some structure for teaching sessions, strategies which encourage more motivation and engagement by students, teaching more effectively in diverse classrooms, as well as strategies for assessment and providing feedback on student learning.

Program structure

The Fundamentals program is structured as follows:


  • Assessment and feedback
  • Internationalisation
  • Introduction to teaching and learning online
  • Teaching and learning essentials
  • Teaching large classes
  • Teaching in tutorials

Sessions are scheduled during February, July and November. Please check the schedule to register for upcoming events.

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7th November 2011