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Understanding diversity

The Understanding diversity online module within the Professional Development for Casual Academic Staff (PDCAS) program focuses on understanding the types of diversity found among students at Deakin.

This online self paced module may challenge participants' assumptions about who Deakin students are. As a result, they might find that they will need to reconsider their own beliefs and values about teaching and learning. To be effective, tutors need to be aware of who their students are and have an understanding of both how to support their learning as well as the other support which is available for students at Deakin.

This module will help new tutors gain an understanding of the types of diversity found among students. It incorporates discussions of various aspects of diversity at Deakin, audio and video case studies, self-tests that are designed to help participants reflect on their learning and suggests some strategies that others have found useful to help support teaching and learning in the classroom.

At the completion of this module participants should be able to:

  • describe the types of diversity in Deakin's classrooms
  • explain how to recognise diversity in the classroom
  • evaluate strategies to use to support diverse student learning needs.

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24th November 2010