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Teaching and learning seminars

Teaching and learning seminars are informal presentation based sessions where staff can share information, raise questions, discuss issues and network. Seminars feature national and international guest speakers and academic staff from across Deakin, including from the Institute. All staff from the University are invited to attend these seminars.

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Past teaching and learning seminars

Past teaching and learning seminar series featured the following sessions:

Student engagement through active learning activities in large classes

As part of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching grant, College of Distinguished Deakin Educators (CDDE) fellow Associate Professor Kieran Lim is fostering student-centred learning in large chemistry classrooms and developing skills as a learning leader. Kieran described how small-group discussion and interactions are being implemented in large (more than 100 students) first year chemistry classes. He also presented preliminary evaluations of the success of this approach in enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes.

The professional learning journey: enhancing the learning experience through understanding of graduate perceptions

This seminar was presented by Dr John White, Joint Appointee, Faculty of Science and Technology and the Institute of Teaching and Learning. John discussed how universities provide a learning journey, training students to become practising professionals. This seminar presented a summary of key results from a 2008 Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant Scheme (STALGS) project examining employer and graduate perceptions of environmental science courses.

Warrnambool teaching and learning seminar

This interactive Institute of Teaching and Learning seminar for Warrnambool staff provided an overview of:

  • the Institute and the teaching and learning professional development, resources and support available to Warrnambool staff
  • Deakin's teaching and learning strategy and opportunities for recognition and reward including the Strategic Teaching and Learning Grants Scheme (STALGS)
  • flexible and blended learning initiatives and resources at Deakin.

The seminar also featured an interactive workshop that allowed participants to explore teaching and learning issues identified by Warrnambool staff.

Using technology for enhanced teaching practice

This seminar featured a presentation from Adrian Bruch, from the Faculty of Arts and Education. Adrian presented about his experience with using varied technology for teaching and provided insights on how one can survive and maintain the pace of being at the bleeding edge of technology while striving for good teaching practice.

Enhancing professional learning: a discipline-based approach to the development of 'new' teachers and technology

This seminar featured two presenters, Dr Gayle Morris, Faculty of Science and Technology and Terry Timberlake, Institute of Teaching and Learning. The presentation introduced POTENT (Peer observation of teaching: engaging new teachers), a developmental model of professional learning for academic staff in the Faculty of Science and Technology who are new to teaching and one of the outcomes of a recent Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant Scheme (STALGS) project. It also showcased new Deakin resources supporting peer review of teaching institutionally, developed with reference to leading international and national scholarship and research, including a 2008 ALTC project on Peer review of teaching in higher education.

An online student portfolio for the development and assessment of engineering graduate attributes

This seminar was presented by Dr Stuart Palmer and was based on the outcomes of a previous Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant Scheme (STALGS) project that he was project leader for. Using engineering as an example, a set of discipline-contextualised graduate attributes were synthesised from both the Attributes of a Deakin Graduate and those required by the program's accrediting professional body. Using a sub-set of these attributes that were relevant to the context of the unit taught, students were asked to deposit digital artefacts into an online portfolio that demonstrated their attainment of those graduate attributes, and to provide a written reflection justifying their choice of artefacts. Evaluations of this project showed that student engagement with graduate attributes increase dramatically and that students found the portfolio easy to use.

Mobile affordances: "smartphones give you wings!"

This seminar featured an international guest speaker Thomas Cochrane, Academic Advisor (elearning and Learning Technologies), Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand. Thomas described his research into teaching and learning with mobile devices.

Educating the net generation: painting a picture to inform teaching and learning practice

This seminar featured a presentation by Dr Gregor Kennedy, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne. He discussed the findings of his ALTC project that explored educating the net generation.

MUVEs@Deakin – 3D virtual worlds for flexible education: Second Life and beyond

This event, was convened by Stephen Segrave, and involved Gary Hayes the Director of LAMP @ Australian Film, Television and Radio School and CCO MUVE Design. The event featured presentations by members of the College of Distinguished Deakin Educators (CDDE) that canvassed issues concerning curriculum and flexible education and explored challenges for university-wide engagement in 3D world technologies that extend and enhance the student experience.

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