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The purpose of this set of topics is to give you access to the advice of other higher education teachers, based on their experiences over many years of teaching. Each topic is deliberately specific in focus, and is designed to provide advice to teachers who are interested in finding out more about a particular aspect of their teaching.

The topics are designed with a 'question and answer' focus. The question represents the aspect of teaching which you may feel you would like to know more about. The answer takes the form of some suggestions as well as providing links to resources which will help you determine some strategies which may suit your particular circumstances.

The topics

How do I ask questions effectively in class?
How do I make my teaching more inclusive
How do I avoid breaching copyright legislation?
How do I manage issues in class?
How do I cater for different learning styles?
How do I motivate my students to learn?
How do I design learning activities?
How do I prepare for a class?
How do I detect plagiarism? How do I promote active learning?
How do I develop a philosophy of teaching?
How do I reflect on my teaching?
How do I generate discussion in my classrooms?
How do I respond when students don't do the reading?
How do I give feedback when marking?
How do I use case studies for student learning?
How do I help students feel more at ease?
How do I use concept mapping?
How do I help students prepare for exams?
How do I use icebreakers in class?
How do I know how adults learn?
How do I write learning objectives?
How do I know what students value from teachers?
How might my students approach their learning?
How do I learn student names?

All the above topics are also available as a single file (518 KB).

Other resources

Guide to Facilitating Week 1 Tutorials (203 KB) - Resource provided by the Division of Student Life to assist tutors to conduct the first tutorial of a trimester.

WHY Guides (Desire2Learn) (2 MB) - A resource to assist staff using Desire2Learn

Further reading

If you would like to investigate aspects of tertiary teaching further, you may access a range of materials available from the Teaching and Learning modules main page.

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