Institute of Teaching and Learning

Professional Development for Teaching and Learning

Developing and assessing graduate attributes

Stuart Palmer, Institute of Teaching and Learning, Deakin University, January 2012


This professional development module seeks to provide an overview of the concept of graduate attributes and how they relate to program and unit design, and to assessment. The interest in graduate attributes in higher education is only likely to increase, as professional and/or program accrediting bodies adopt closer scrutiny of individual student attainment of specified attributes, and as Australian higher education institutions implement strategies to improve institutional rankings in the Course Experience Questionnaire and the Australasian Survey of Student Engagement. This module presents some examples drawn from practice and the literature in various disciplines, but doesn't pretend to describe how every attribute might be appropriately identified, developed and assessed in every discipline at every expected level of attainment. That can only be done in the unique context of each discipline and program.

This professional development module is composed of the sub-sections listed right. While each sub-section has been made a self-contained as possible, they are derived from a single document that can also be read as a single entity if desired. The entire document can be downloaded here (710 KB).

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19th January 2012