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DSO (D2L): WHY Guide


The Quizzes tool is used to create, categorise, store, manage, publish and grade questions you set for your students to respond to either as reinforcement of learning or as formal assessment tasks.

Why would you use the Quizzes tool?


  • give students the opportunity to reinforce their learning
  • reinforce to students the purpose and value of learning objectives or intended learning outcomes
  • design a series of small quizzes to support sequential learning
  • design quizzes as formal assessment tasks
  • give students opportunities to complete multi-choice quizzes prior to multi-choice exams
  • create, build and maintain a library of questions which can be re-used in other quizzes or units
  • have data available (e.g. student grades, attempts, class average, numbers of responses)
  • identify particular concepts which students appear to find challenging
  • provide instantaneous feedback to students as they complete a quiz
  • provide a variety of quiz question types so as to encourage different thinking styles
  • compile and export quiz results to a spreadsheet.
Assessing discussions tip
  • Online quizzes, well designed, can be a very efficient way of assessing student learning and providing instant feedback. Feedback on learning is the essential ingredient of good assessment practice.
  • Create your quiz questions in the Question Library so you can reuse the questions if required.
  • When setting up a Quiz ensure you add a Grade Item and tick the box next to Auto Export to Grades, which will ensure that student submission results are automatically exported to Grades for release to students.


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17th January 2012