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DSO (D2L): WHY Guide

Self Assessments

Self assessments allow you to create non-assessable quizzes with automated feedback which students can access in order to reinforce their learning.

Why would you use the Self Assessments tool?


  • create quizzes which allow students to ’test’ what they are learning
  • assist students to reinforce their learning by interspersing self assessments into your Content
  • build in automatic feedback with your quiz questions and answers
  • provide opportunities for students to determine what aspects of their learning they need to revise
  • give students experience of doing informal online quizzes before tackling formal assessments
  • provide opportunities for students to practice for multiple-choice exams.
Assessing discussions tip
  • Create your Self Assessment questions in the Question Library so you can reuse the questions if required.
  • Adult learners value the opportunity to check how well they are understanding concepts.


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17th January 2012