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Developing professional ethics using digital cases, Peter Poteralski

Using commercial software to do real time examinations online, Bev Jackling



Use of a virtual student gallery, Jeremy Ham

Enlivening contemporary architecture through digital resources, Mirjana Lozanovska

Enlivening Asian architecture through digital resources, David Beynon

Using CD-based resources in professional practice units, Craig Langston


Arts Education

Teaching art and graphic design online, Jenny Grenfell


Asian Studies

Digital media in politics and Asian studies, Greg Barton


Biological Sciences

Assessing students online in the biological sciences, Peter Hanna


Chemical Sciences

Using spreadsheet simulations to teach quantum theory, Kieran Lim


Construction Management

Using PowerPoint to develop concepts in construction management, David Picken



Effective online education, Christine Goodwin



Providing learning paths through e-Roadmapping in economics, Phillip Hellier, Mary Graham & Helen Scarborough


Engineering and Technology

Using e-journals to encourage critical reflection, Stuart Palmer

Video streamed documentary, Stuart Palmer


Environmental Science and Management

Virtual geology tour, Mark Warne



Online testing in DSO, Jennifer Betts


Forensic Science

Using digital and online resources to support learning in forensic science, Simon Lewis


Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

Developing and running an online Graduate Certificate in Education for university staff, Elizabeth Stacey

Supporting the process of becoming a strategic academic through digital and online resources, Malcolm Campbell

Becoming a strategic academic online, Julia Walsh



Using the digital environment to enliven 'great debates' in history, David Lowe

Pathways to teaching about genocide and holocaust online, Pam Maclean


Information Systems

An integrated digital and online environment in business information systems, Bardo Fraunholz

A historical perspective on unit development in business and law, Alwyn Richardson

e-Roadmapping for conceptual understanding in information systems and beyond, Rodney Carr

Experiential learning with simulations and cartoons, Richard Braithwaite


Information Technology

IT practice: Experiential learning online, Annegret Goold

Managing students online, Jo Coldwell


Information Technology in Education

Supporting students' critical engagement with online teaching and learning, Juli Lynch


Health Promotion

Designing an online-enhanced blended learning environment in socio-economic status and health, Mary Mahoney


Health Sciences

Supporting foundation studies in health sciences online, Berni Murphy

Health information and data wholly online, Ian Story



Universal design for accessibility in e-simulations in journalism and beyond, Stephen Segrave


Languages and Cultural Studies

Teaching and learning Indonesian online, Ismet Fanany



Supporting learning online in contract and competition law, Philip Clarke

Taking competition law and policy wholly online, John Carmichael

Supporting learning online in law, Julie Cassidy

Developing online research skills for law students, Carolyn Doyle and Sandra Pyke


Linguistics and Literary Studies

Studying children's literature online, Rhonda Bunbury

Enacting a postcolonial pedagogy online, Frances Devlin-Glass



Teaching and assessing business communication online, Jan Fermelis

Simulating roles in real world organisations, John McWilliams

Digital cases and expert views on business ethics, Greg Wood

Using cognitive tools online to develop problem-solving skills, Pauline Hagel



Effective use of communications in a wholly online unit, Simon Pervan


Masters of Education and Masters of Professional Education and Training

Learning about knowledge aquisition online, Judy Mousley

Online case studies: Reconciling teaching and research, Ian Robottom

Enhancing online learning through re-usable learning objects, Muriel Wells


Mathematics Education

Using assessment as a strategic tool for learning, Brian Doig

Professional practice and mathematics: Designing an inclusive program, Leicha Bragg

Learning about numeracy across the curriculum in a wholly online unit, Susie Groves


Media and Communication

Developing 'MediaWise' in a wholly online media and communication unit, Patrick Hughes, School of Communication and creative Arts



Problem based learning in nursing, Julian Pearce


Nutrition and Dietics

Dietetics online, Jane Winter and Helen Matters


Physical and Health Education

Promoting student learning in physical education, Chris Hickey


Politics and Policy Studies

Digital media in politics and Asian studies, Greg Barton

An online approach to project-based assessment in politics, Peter Haeusler

Designing for policy studies online, Hans Lofgren

Working online in politics, Kevin O'Toole



Going wholly online in psychology, Christine Armatas


Public Relations

Using role play as an approach to online assessment, Kristine Demetrious

Developing online assignment work in public relations, Stephen Mackey

Facilitating online communication and assessment in public relations, Ross Monaghan



Studying sex, crime and social justice wholly online, Grazyna Zajdow

Using Deakin Studies Online to support studies in sociology, Marilyn Poole

Online assessment in sociology, Vince Marotta


Sports Management

Sports management e-simulation, Paul Turner


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