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Welcome to our Contemporary online teaching case site. It features the work of over 70 Deakin University staff in developing and using new media and online technologies to foster student learning. The site was developed through University strategic teaching and learning innovation funding. It has been designed to help teachers work creatively and productively in their online teaching.

Each of the cases locate new media and online technologies in the context of broader views of what it means to teach and learn effectively in different disciplines and professional fields in tertiary education.

You can browse the cases by Discipline, Faculty and Case participant via the top menu. You can engage with the cases by approaches to learning (and teaching) and graduate attributes which they illustrate, study level, degree of online-ness and types of online features adopted, and other tools used. These views into the cases can be found on the left hand menu. You’ll also find in this menu 2003 Deakin Online Teaching and Learning Fellowship cases and information on the site itself, including the project team who developed it.

We hope the site provides you with plenty of ideas on how to develop and use new media/new technologies in your teaching.

Enjoy the experience!

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