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Macintosh computers use a Keychain access program to store passwords such as your email password or your proxy password. As you login, the computer uses your password to unlock your Keychain so that you can access your programs.

If you are on-campus using a Deakin University workstation you can change your password via the desktop. Access the help sheet titled Password: managing and changing for instructions. If you have changed your password via this method there is no need to update the Keychain password. If you have changed your password via the website you must change the password used to unlock the Keychain manually following these instructions:

1. Login to the computer using your new password.
2. In the Finder, click the Go menu and select Utilities.
3. Open the Keychain Access program.
4. Click once on the Keychain called 'login'.
5. Click the File menu and select 'Unlock Keychain "login"'.
6. When prompted, enter your previous Deakin password.
7. Click the Edit menu and select 'Change Password for Keychain "login"'.
8. Enter your previous Deakin password as the 'Current Password'.
9. Enter your new Deakin password as the 'New Password'. Now re-enter it into the Verify box.
9. Click OK.

Now your Keychain will unlock as you login to the computer.

You may still need to update the individual passwords stored on your Keychain, such as your proxy and email passwords. To do this, simply use your applications as normal. If they prompt you to supply your password, enter it and click the 'Remember this password' box to save the new password.

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18th July 2012