Deakin service interruptions Live feed of planned and unplanned service interruptions Planned service interruption: Computers on campus, Email, Enterprise application, File and document electronic storage, Internet access, Network services (ex wireless), Server and data centre, Software, Telecommunications, Video conferencing, Web services, Wireless network, 20 Jan 2017 11:21:06 +1100Start: Sun 22 Jan 2017, 6:00 am<br>Description: Power outage affecting Core Network equipmentPlanned service interruption: Enterprise application, 20 Jan 2017 10:26:08 +1100Start: Tue 24 Jan 2017, 7:00 am<br>Description: Callista Student Management System emergency releasePlanned service interruption: Software, 19 Jan 2017 14:13:11 +1100Start: Fri 20 Jan 2017, 7:00 am<br>Description: Deakin Surveys/Opinio Upgrade