Audio recording and editing

What is a good audio recording?

A good audio recording will sound clear, have a reasonable tone that is as close as possible to the depth of tone in a person's actual voice and also be relatively free of hiss and other external noises. A quiet room or office free of any humming sound and passing traffic is ideal.

Some audio can sound very roomy, which is often due to the microphone not be close enough to the persons mouth. Ideally a lapel microphone attached to the person's chest (solar plexis) is an ideal place for a lapel mic.

Audio recorders

The Zoom H1 and H2 Recorders are user-friendly audio recorders available from Admin Officers in faculties and schools. The links below will assist you with your audio recording. Should you require assistance at any time contact your faculty Admin Officers or the iTunes U team at Deakin Learning Futures.

Recording with a Zoom H1 Recorder

Recording with a Zoom H2n Recorder

Zoom H4nSP can also be used to record good quality audio

Audio editing

Audacity is audio editing freeware that is widely used. It is reasonably user friendly

ProTools is more advanced audio editing software that is purchased off the Internet.

Audio formats

Audio is often recorded in uncompressed (.wav) format but ideally exporting the file to (.mp3) is the best format for iTunes U.

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