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Contribute to Deakin iTunes U channel

Content checklist

  • For new content, check that you have access to all the equipment needed to capture your audio or video recording.
  • Familiarise yourself with the equipment.
  • Visit the ‘how to’ type resources available in audio and video links.
  • Decide on the type of recording you want, (i.e. lecture, an interview, audio or video, etc)
  • Please be aware of copyright legislation and in particular any 3rd party content that might be in your existing material or your ideas for new projects. See Copyright link for further information.
  • Record your content using the suggested formats.
  • Once your content is ready fill in the Staff upload form and we will provide you with a file path to place your content. We will also contact you to let you know of some additional information that's required with your upload.

What to record?

  • Lectures - Record your lecture in audio or video format. Refer to the audio and video pages on this site. iTunes U is a great way to create interest in your lectures and your course.
  • Podcasts - Podcasts are audio recordings uploaded to iTunes U. Keep subscribers coming back to listen; with each new recording your subscribers are updated with the next release.
  • Interviews - You may have guest lecturer and you wish record them and upload the recording.
  • Discussions - Have you thought of recording a discussion with a fellow academic using a Zoom H2 audio recorder?
  • A showcase of students work - We are excited to showcase some of the best student work from all Deakin faculties.
  • Presentations - If you wish to present your Powerpoints with audio these can also be uploaded to iTunes U.

How to record and what format?

See Audio and Video links in left hand menu.




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14th December 2012