Video shooting and editing

How to shoot a video?

All staff wishing to produce video content should visit the How to shoot a video series produced by Deakin Learning Futures.

Staff should also know that if they require advice at any stage of the process they should contact the iTunes U Team.

Video cameras

Zoom Q3 HD Cameras are available from the Library for recording reasonable quality video. Users should visit the Zoom Q3 HD Camera tutorial

Some Faculties may have their own video cameras. If using faculty video cameras, if available, ensure you have a good understanding of its use.

DLF can advise on shooting the video. Request a meeting with iTunes U Team for advice and we can scope a video project.

Video editing software 

Final Cut Pro is the industry standard video editing software and used extensively in DLF.

iMovie is more of basic user friendly video editing software for Mac. 

Adobe Premiere for Windows or Mac is now available through the Self Service app.

Windows Movie Maker is user-friendly video editing software for PC. Adobe Premiere 

Also now available is Adobe Premiere Pro

Video formats

Quicktime is one of Deakin's standard video formats. For iTunes U content staff should produce their video as either a Quicktime (.mov) movie using a H.264 video codec. MPEG 4 is also permissible with a H.264 codec. The dimensions should either be 1280 x 720, 1024 x 576 or 640 x 360 pixels. If using Windows Movie Maker export as .WMV in HD

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