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In the spirit of the early Universities (Bologna, Salerno, Oxford, Padova and others), the Deakin Law School considers itself a community of teachers and scholars (universitas magistrorum et scholarium).

As of January, the Law School community comprises of some 48 academics, 21 of whom hold doctoral degrees, with 14 undertaking PhD candidatures at Deakin or at another university. Around 20 HDR candidates are presently enrolled (or in the process of enrolling) in the Law School.

While pedagogy in its most up-to-date theoretical and technical (audio-visual, cloud-based education) manifestations underpins our teaching, we foster intellectual curiosity (regular research seminars) and excellence in academic scholarship (high-quality publications).

Covering research areas as diverse as international law, criminal justice and environmental law, we share our findings through conferences and workshops and run regular collaborative research seminars for our students.

Study a master's or PhD with Deakin

We've got an excellent reputation in commercial law and offer postgraduate studies across each major area of legal practice.

By studying a research degree at Deakin Law School, you can start your path towards a research or academic career. Alternatively, you can use your degree to stand out to employers who value the important skills you gain, which in turn opens up a diverse mix of job opportunities.

Right now, we have postgraduate research supervisors available in these disciplines:

  • constitutional law
  • corporate governance
  • data and the law
  • energy and natural resource
  • torts and the law of medicine
  • intellectual property
  • international law
  • sentencing and criminal justice
  • transnational commercial law.

If you'd like to study a master's or PhD at the School of Law and would like help to find a supervisor, please contact Business and Law Research Services.

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Research projects and centres

Our research discipline strengths

Our research scope is wide, covering:

  • anti-discrimination law
  • comparative law
  • constitutional law
  • corporate governance
  • data and the law
  • energy and natural resource law
  • health law
  • intellectual property
  • international law
  • legal history sentencing and criminal justice
  • transnational commercial law.

Research partners

Deakin Law School hosts regular seminars throughout the year, partnering with high-profile speakers who cover a range of unique topics. These seminars are open to students and staff alike.

Previous seminar topics have included:

  • the domestic and international framework regarding climate change law
  • current impediments associated with the criminal justice system in Victoria
  • limiting global warming to two degrees – what Australia needs to do to deeply decarbonise our economy
  • whether asylum seeker policy reflects real Australian values
  • energy networks in a new energy era.

Grants awarded

Total Grant Title Source Staff Member
EUR 250,000 Internationalisation of corporate governance model German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Jean du Plessis
$300,000 Intangible cultural heritage across borders: laws, structures and strategies in China and its Association of Southeast Asian Nations neighbours ARC Discovery Christoph Antons
$178,000 Centre for Rural and Regional Law and Justice to fund part-time Learning and Development Coordinator Legal Services Board Richard Coverdale
$150,000 IP in Asia – project is part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation ARC Discovery Christoph Antons
$47,648 Addressing the structural and ethical challenge of conflict of interest in rural and regional legal practice Vic Law Foundation Grant Richard Coverdale
$9,583 Review of Barriers to Open Data and Related Re−Use of Information in Five Exemplar Data Sets (2014) Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre Louis de Koker
$215,412 Comparative International Perspectives on Strategy, Policy and Law (Australia) (2014–2016) Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre Louis de Koker; Danuta Mendelson
$8,300 Research Support: National organised crime response plan (2009) AUSTRAC Louis de Koker
$44,083 Integrity in mobile phone financial services (2010–2011) World Bank Louis de Koker
$18,199 Money laundering and terrorist financing risk and vulnerability methodology (2010–2011) World Bank Louis de Koker
$36,106 Family Violence and the Regional Magistrates' Court Alfred Felton Trust Dr Lucinda Jordan
$25,000 Improving access to justice for women and children survivors of family violence in the Geelong region Geelong Community Foundation Dr Lucinda Jordan
$5,000 Bringing justice to isolated suburbs – finding a solution! Wyndham Legal Service James Farrell
$4,000 Scoping access to justice issues in the Magistrate's Court in rural and regional Australia Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA) Dr Lucinda Jordan
$3,300 Rethinking Law Curriculum Australian Learning and Teaching Council Richard Coverdale
$58,201 Scoping a Victorian Centre for Rural and Regional law and justice – seeding grant Vic Law Foundation Grant Richard Coverdale
$46,143 Provision of legal services to small business in rural and regional Victoria LSB-Grants Program Prof Anne Rees, Prof Jean Du Plessis, Dr Lucinda Jordan and Richard Coverdale

ARC Discovery Project

Through this project, our researchers explore the discussions across UNESCO, WIPO and other international organisations about:

  • intangible cultural heritage
  • the different interpretations of related 'rights'
  • cross-border conflicts about heritage.

The project analyses the legal, political and cultural reasons for such conflicts and develops practical proposals for promoting international reconciliation and improved international cooperation in heritage protection.

Centre for Comparative Corporate Governance (CCC-G)

The CCC-G undertakes research into comparative corporate governance in order to identify contemporary corporate governance trends and best practices. This ensures responsible, sustainable and long-term prosperity and growth for corporations, taking into consideration the interests of all stakeholders, as well as society interests.

Find out more about CCC-G

Centre for Energy and Natural Resource Law

Energy and Natural Resource Law and policy is crucially important for global development. The Centre for Energy and Natural Resource Law (CENRL) will place Deakin Law School at the forefront of contemporary debates on energy and natural resources law.

Find out more about CENRL

Centre for Evidence-Based Sentencing

The Centre for Evidence-Based Sentencing undertakes research into sentencing law and policy in order to influence government policy and judicial case-law to implement reforms that will make the criminal justice system fairer and more efficient.

Find out more about the Centre for Evidence-based Sentencing

Centre on the Legal Profession

The Centre on the Legal Profession will conduct research on the changing market for legal services – enabled by technology and globalisation – and the optimal forms of regulation to respond to these changes while delivering access to justice and protecting the rule of law.

Find out more about the Centre on Legal Profession

Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC)

Deakin Law School and UNSW Law collaborate in the Law and Policy Program of the national Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC).

It combines researchers and industry, as well as additional contributions, to provide Big Data capability resulting in a safer and more secure nation and a sustainable Big Data workforce for Australia.

Find out more about the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre

2016 Research reports

Past research reports




2013 Research Report No 24 (DOCX, 96.1KB)
2013 Research Report No 23 (DOCX, 154KB)
2013 Research Report No 22 (DOCX, 73.2KB)
2013 Research Report No 21 (DOCX, 77.8KB)
2013 Research Report No 20 (DOCX, 78.8KB)
2013 Research Report No 19 (DOCX, 73.7KB)
2013 Research Report No 17 (DOCX, 69.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 16 (DOCX, 72.4KB)
2013 Research Report No 15 (DOCX, 153.2KB)
2013 Research Report No 14 (DOCX, 26.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 13 (DOCX, 39.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 12 (DOCX, 39.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 11 (DOCX, 124.4KB)
2013 Research Report No 10 (DOCX, 55.3KB)
2013 Research Report No 9 (DOCX, 37KB)
2013 Research Report No 8 (DOCX, 26.7KB)
2013 Research Report No 7 (DOCX, 27.8KB)
2013 Research Report No 6 (DOCX, 25.3KB)
2013 Research Report No 5 (DOCX, 21.1KB)
2013 Research Report No 4 (DOCX, 28.1KB)
2013 Research Report No 3 (DOCX, 32.4KB)
2013 Research Report No 2 (DOCX, 38.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 1 (DOCX, 28.9KB)


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The Deakin Law School's performance is assessed by ERA at world standard (Excellence in Research for Australia Initiative: Level 3).

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