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We Al Li Educaring

Applying a We Al-Li
Educaring framework
to address histories of
Violence with Aboriginal

Report and recommendations of trauma informed education for Aboriginal women in Alice Springs Correction Centre convicted of violent crime. Many of the women share a history of intergenerational violence/trauma/incarceration that has implications for service provision with Aboriginal communities. (2015)

Download the report (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Linking Law

Linking Law: Practical guidelines for delivering
law to rural Victoria using
E-Learning technologies

These guidelines have arisen from a research project funded by the Telematics Trust, and provide information, analysis and practical tips for organisations seeking to use digital  technologies to enhance general professional legal education for people living in remote, rural and regional (RRR) locations.

Download the guidelines (PDF, 6.6 MB)

Women's experiences
of surviving family

violence and accessing
the magistrates' court
in Geelong

This research aims to provide a comprehensive account of the lived experiences of women attempting to secure safety and justice in the Geelong region as a result of family violence. It documents the experiences of women accessing the Geelong Magistrates' Court and related justice system services. It is the first phase of a larger research project examining women's experiences across regional Victoria.

Download the report (PDF, 739.7 KB)

Postcode Justice:
rural and regional
disadvantage in the administration of the
law in Victoria

Produced by Richard Coverdale, Research Fellow with the School of Law and funded by the Victoria Law Foundation, reveals a range of areas in which regional and rural Victorians are disadvantaged when participating in the justice system.

Download the report (PDF, 8.4 MB)

Listen to a response to the report from the Chief Magistrate of Victoria, Ian Gray on ABC Regional Radio

The law and legal compliance training needs of primary producers
in Australia 

The report highlights the need for a greater emphasis on information and training on
law for primary producers and will assist industry, education/training organisations 
and government to identify and prioritise law topics for training as well as determine
the most effective ways of delivering that training.

Download the report  (PDF, 1023.7 KB)

National Rural Regional Law and Justice Conference 2010

These selected papers were presented to the inaugural National Rural Regional Law and Justice Conference (Warrnambool, Victoria, on 19–21 November 2010) and published in a special edition of the Deakin Law Review. The Conference provided a unique forum for people from a broad range of professions and interests to converge and share ideas, experiences and knowledge to advance equity and justice for rural and regional Australians.

The Conference was attended by over 100 delegates from all states and territories, representing federal, state and local government, rural industry, legal practitioners, academics, Legal Aid, Community Legal Services, and indigenous, youth, and other regional advocacy and support services.

Deakin Law Review Volume 16, Issue 1 2011

Introduction (PDF, 65.2 KB)  

Preface - The National Rural Regional Law and Justice Conference (PDF, 170.0 KB)  
Richard Coverdale

Law and Justice Outside the CBD (PDF, 264.2 KB)  
Chief Justice Robert French

Access to a Lawyer in Rural Australia: Thoughts on the Evidence We Need (PDF, 499.0 KB)  
Simon Rice

Strategies for Meeting Rural Legal Needs: Lessons from Local, Regional and International Experience (PDF, 882.5 KB)  
Kim Economides

Professional Services and Rural Services Poverty (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Paul Martin, Jacequeline Williams, Amanda Kennedy

Bush Lawyers in New South Wales and Queensland: A Spatial Analysis (PDF, 625.1 KB)  
Kevin McDougall, Reid Mortensen

Legislative and Community Support for Offending Reintegraton in Victoria (PDF, 340.4 KB)  
Lesley Hardcastle, Terry Bartholomew, Joe Graffam

Youth Justice: Challenges in Responding to Young People Convicted of Sexual Offences (PDF, 342.5 KB)  
Wendy O'Brien

Postcode Justice: Rural and Regional Disadvantage in the Administration of the Law (PDF, 1.9 MB)  
Richard Coverdale

Access to Environmental Justice (PDF, 352.5 KB)  
Felicity Millner

Using Technology to Increase Support for Rural and Regional Legal Professionals (PDF, 315.3 KB)
Amanda Kennedy, Stephen Winn

Sustainable Regional Legal Practice: The Importance of Alliances and the Use of Innovative Information Technology by Legal Practices in Regional, Rural and Remote Queensland (PDF, 573.6 KB)  
Caroline Hart

Recruitment and Retention of Community Sector Lawyers: Regional Differences within New South Wales (PDF, 408.7 KB)  
Michael Cain, Suzie For

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