Research is undertaken by the Centre in a number of principal areas. Particular focus is given to access and equity issues in the administration and delivery of justice system services to regional communities and improving legal practice in the provision of legal services to regional communities.

Another priority area is assessment of the social and economic impacts of existing and proposed legislation, policies and programs on regional communities. The Centre is active in matters of delivering law-related education and training to regional industry, informing undergraduate law curriculum and professional development training for regional legal practitioners and other professionals.

Parliamentary Inquiry Submissions

Date submitted Investigating Body Subject of Inquiry
May 2015

Royal Commission into Family Violence

Submission on Family Violence entered by the CRRLJ

January 2015Commonwealth Government
Department of Health

Draft National Framework for Health Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and Families (PDF, 862.7 KB)

May 2014 Commonwealth Government
Productivity Commission 
Access to Justice Arrangements (PDF, 152.0 KB)
January 2014 Australian Law Reform Commission Legal Barriers for People with a Disability (PDF, 223.9 KB)
February 2013 Victorian Government
Family and Community Development Committee

Social Inclusion of Victorians with a Disability (PDF, 245.1 KB)

November 2013 Commonwealth Government
Productivity Commission

Access to Civil Justice (PDF, 176.5 KB)     

October 2012 Victorian Government Practical Lessons, Fair Consequences: Improving Diversion for Young People in Victoria (PDF, 152.5 KB)
July 2012 Parliament of Victoria
Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee
Local Economic Development Initiatives in Victoria (PDF, 226.7 KB)
July 2012 Reserve Bank of Australia Proposed Variation to the Access Regime for the ATM System (PDF, 196.0 KB)
April 2012 Commonwealth Government - Senate
Legal and Constitutional Committee

Marriage Equality Amendment Bill (PDF, 146.6 KB)

March 2012 Victorian Government
Parliamentary Law Reform Committee              
Access to and Interaction with the Justice System By People with an Intellectual Disability and Their Families and Carers (PDF, 143.8 KB)
March 2012 Parliament of Victoria
Rural and Regional Committee
Extent and Nature of Disadvantage and Inequity in Rural and Regional Victoria (PDF, 263.9 KB)

Research grants details

Building Advocacy Justice Alliances for Offenders with Mental Impairment in Victoria's Barwon South West Region - Helen McPherson Smith Trust

Team: Ian Parsons, Christopher Speldewinde

An action research project to pilot the development of Disability Justice Alliances in the Barwon region. Fostering partnerships between law and mental health services the project will involve collaborative service delivery, legal education and advocacy between legal services and services for people with mental impairment. The project will research the viability of these alliances, with a view to setting up demonstration partnerships at two locations in the region.

Improving Access to Justice for Women and Children Survivors of Family Violence in Regional and Rural Victoria  – Alfred Felton Bequest

Team: Amanda George, Dr Bridget Harris

Rural and regional Victorians experience limited access to often inadequately resourced justice system services.  This project examines the outcomes for women survivors of domestic violence when accessing the justice system in regional Victoria; provide a comparative study of resources, services and outcomes between the rural/regional and metropolitan contexts; and identify best practice responses to improve access to justice, support and safety. The body of evidence built will be used to inform, expand and improve the targeting of domestic violence resources and services for regional Victoria.

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Delivering law to rural Victoria – e-learning technologies' – Telematics Course Development Fund (Telematics Trust)

Team: Mary Dracup

This research forms the basis for a set of guidelines that provide information, analysis and practical tips for organisations seeking to use digital technologies to enhance general and professional legal education for people living in remote, rural and regional (RRR) Victoria. Recommendations cover both high speed internet technologies as well as intelligent use of a range of lower-tech options including low-speed internet, phone, DVD and regional site-based educational technologies. These guidelines aim to identify a range of practical, digitally-based options that are available for different educational purposes, and provide sets of protocols for implementing these options so that RRR people can gain maximum educational benefit.

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Legal Services Board Learning and Development - Legal Services Board

Team: Jeanne Nel De Koker 

Our learning and Development team focus on outreach and education and provide a number of general interest forums relating to the law and contemporary legal issues for Victorians in rural or regional areas. 

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