Centre for Rural Regional Law and Justice

The Centre for Rural Regional Law and Justice (CRRLJ) works throughout regional and rural Australia, improving access to justice systems and services. 

The centre also offers law-related education and training to regional industries, gives recommendations for Deakin's undergraduate law curriculum and provides professional development training for regional legal practitioners.

What we do

The research we carry out is across a number of disciplines – all of which have been identified through consulting with rural and regional communities, services, industry and government.

The centre:

  • provides services to inform, advise and support government, communities and industry to develop 'best practice' law and justice services, programs and policies
  • acts as a forum to educate communities and key organisations
  • offers an effective regional voice on law and justice issues to government
  • enables stakeholders to share knowledge, information and collaborate.

Our focus

Within regional communities, we particularly focus on:

  • access and equity issues in the administration and delivery of justice system services
  • improving legal practice in the provision of legal services
  • assessing the social and economic impacts of existing and proposed legislation, policies and programs.

Current projects

Following is a summary of our current research grants and projects.

Research grants and projects Funding organisation
Building Advocacy Justice Alliances for Offenders with Mental Impairment in Victoria's Barwon South West Region Helen McPherson Smith Trust
Improving Access to Justice for Women and Children Survivors of Family Violence in Regional and Rural Victoria Alfred Felton Bequest
Delivering law to rural Victoria – e-learning technologies' Telematics Course Development Fund (Telematics Trust)
Legal Services Board Learning and Development Legal Services Board Victoria


Applying a We Al-Li Educaring framework to address histories of violence with Aboriginal women

Report and recommendations of trauma informed education for Aboriginal women convicted of violent crime and serving time in Alice Springs Correction Centre. Many of the women share a history of intergenerational violence, trauma and incarceration that has implications for service provision with Aboriginal communities. 

Download the report on histories of violence with Aboriginal women (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Linking Law: Practical guidelines for delivering law to rural Victoria using E-Learning technologies

These guidelines have arisen from a research project funded by the Telematics Trust. They provide information, analysis and practical tips for organisations seeking to use digital technologies to enhance general professional legal education for people living in remote, rural and regional locations.

Download the guidelines for delivering law to rural Victoria (PDF, 6.6 MB)

Providing legal service to small business in regional Victoria

This report examines the legal needs of rural and regional small businesses in Victoria. It identifies a number of areas in which law firms must change if they are to adapt to the changing needs of small businesses in regional Victoria.

Download the report on legal services for small businesses (PDF, 2.0 MB)

Landscapes of Violence: Women surviving family violence in regional and rural Victoria

This project combines the findings of two studies undertaken by the CRRLJ. Drawing on and extending the findings in 'Women's experience of surviving family violence and accessing the magistrate's court in Geelong', Victoria (2013).

Download the report on women surviving family violence (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Conflicts of interest in Victorian rural and regional legal practice

Produced by the CRRLJ, with the financial support of the Victoria Law Foundation, this report was initiated in recognition of a greater perceived prevalence of conflict of interest occurring in rural and regional legal practice and the lack of research in this area.

Download the conflicts of interest report (PDF, 6.9 MB)

Women's experiences of surviving family violence and accessing the magistrates' court in Geelong

This research aims to provide a comprehensive account of the lived experiences of women attempting to secure safety and justice in the Geelong region as a result of family violence. It documents the experiences of women accessing the Geelong Magistrates' Court and related justice system services. It’s the first phase of a larger research project examining women's experiences across regional Victoria.

Download the report on family violence in Geelong (PDF, 740 KB)

Postcode Justice: rural and regional disadvantage in the administration of the law in Victoria

Produced by Richard Coverdale, Research Fellow with the School of Law, and funded by the Victoria Law Foundation, reveals a range of areas in which regional and rural Victorians are disadvantaged when participating in the justice system.

Download the report rural and regional disadvantage (PDF, 8.4 MB)

The law and legal compliance training needs of primary producers in Australia

The report highlights the need for a greater emphasis on information and training on
law for primary producers and will assist industry, education, training organisations
and government to identify and prioritise law topics for training as well as determine
the most effective ways of delivering that training.

Download the report on legal compliance training (PDF, 1023.7 KB)

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