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School Executive

Interim Dean
Dr Jenni Lightowlers

Director of Research
Dr Nicole Siller

Director of HDR
Dr Jason Taliadoros

Director of Teaching
Karen Powell

Academic Coordinators

Director, LLB
Dr Ben Saunders 
Deputy Director, LLB
Dr Oscar Roos
Director, Juris Doctor
Dr M. Ehteshamul (Tanim) Bari 
Director, LLM
Dr Christian Chamorro-Courtland
Director, MAL
Ms Zehra Gulay Kavarne Eroglu
Deputy Director, MAL
Dr Wen Qu
Director, MLS
Dr Shiri Krebs
Director, Master of Laws (Major Thesis)
Dr Josh Newton
Director, Centre on the Legal Profession
Dr Claudio Bozzi
Director, Centre on the Legal Profession
Athula Pathinayake
Director, Centre for Comparative Corporate Governance
Professor Jean Jacques du Plessis
Director, Centre for Energy and Natural Resource Law
Professor Samantha Hepburn


Jean du Plessis   
Samantha Hepburn
Danuta Mendelson

Professorial Research Fellows

Associate Professors

Associate Professor
Elizabeth Adeney      
Associate Professor
Theo Alexander
Associate Professor
Sonia Allan
Associate Professor
Pieter Badenhorst    
Associate Professor
Marilyn Mcmahon

Senior Research Fellow

Senior Lecturers


Associate Lecturers

Teaching Scholars

Clinical Solicitors

Administrative staff

Law Librarian

Michelle Bendall (Melbourne Burwood Campus)

Current HDR students

P = Principal
A = Associate

NAmePhD topicSupervisor
Stephanos AlevrasSolvency, Liquidty and Capital Maintenance: Australian Reform in International ContextProf Jean Du Plessis (P)
Edvard Donald William AlstergrenPro Bono Law in Victoria - Time to improve it.Prof Mirko Bagaric (P)
Rachel Anne CarterNatural Catastrophic Insurance Scheme: Ensuring Economic and Property SecurityProf Danuta Mendelson (P)
Dakshina ChandraGlobal metamorphosis of legal services
Vivek ChandraEnergy resources in disputed regions: Evaluation of international law and recommendations for South China SeaDr John Morss (P) 

Dr Claudio Bozzi (A) 

A/Prof Pieter Badenhorst (A)
Yin ChenPromote Access to Medicines in the Least Developed CountriesDr Elizabeth Adeney (A)
Michael GuihotTransaction Cost Efficiency of Cross-border InsolvencyDr Jason Taliadoros (A)
Katrina HoganCreating an Australian framework to nurture conscious capitalism offshoreProf John Du Plessis (A)
Akshaya KamalnathGender diversity on company boards : A corporate law analysis

Prof John Du Plessis (A)
Sharon KelseyIs the Prevalence of Domestic Violence Evidence of a Breach of Due Diligence Obligations Under International Law?Dr Marilyn Mcmahon (P)

Dr John Morss (A)
Paul McGorreryAttaching Criminal Responsibility to Criminal Behaviour: Psychological Injury ProsecutionsDr Marilyn Mcmahon (P) 

A/Prof Samantha Hepburn (A) 

A/Prof Cindy Davids (A)
George NeophytouCyber law - social media law and economicsProf Danuta Mendelson (P) 

Dr Andrew Torre (A) 

Dr Jason Taliadoros (A)
Carol Anne NewlandsThe Role of the Medical Panels in VictoriaProf Danuta Mendelson (P) 

Prof Mirko Bagaric (A) 

Prof Christoph Antons (A)
Athula PathinayakeSeeking alternatives to prisonProf Mirko Bagaric (P) 

Dr Elizabeth Adeney (A)
Simone PearceA sporting change: making reasonable adjustments for disability in children's sportDr Dominique Allen (A)
Krystyne PniewskiRecidivism and Prisoner Rehabilitation: historical attempts and current successesProf Mirko Bagaric (P) 

Prof Danuta Mendelson (A)
Richard James PolkinghornRetrospective study of applications made to Victorian Civil & Administrative TribunalProf Danuta Mendelson (P) 

Dr Jason Taliadoros (A)
George Douglas RaittMisuse of Market Power and the Hypothetical Competitive Market StandardProf Danuta Mendelson (P) 

Dr Andrew Torre (A) 

A/Prof Julie Clarke (A)
Carmen Maria-Francesca RandazzoThe Illusion that is the Defence of Mental Impairment in the Summary JurisdictionProf Mirko Bagaric (P) 

Prof Danuta Mendelson (A) 

Dr John Morss (A)
Lisa RogersThe International Legal Framework for Intangible Cultural HeritageProf Christoph Antons (P) 

Dr Elizabeth Adeney (A)
Jonathan SaleIs harmonization of ASEAN labor laws for employment growth possible?Prof Christoph Antons (P)
Diyana Binti SulaimanProtection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Indonesia and MalaysiaProf Christoph Antons (P) 

A/Prof Samantha Hepburn (A)
Melanie TanOptimising and balancing the protection of rights in Medical NegligenceProf Danuta Mendelson (P) 

Ivan Hare (A)
Siyu Christina TaoAssessing China's Non-compliance with the GATS and the role of compliance cheories in ensuring the fulfilmentA/Prof Samantha Hepburn (A)
Edwin TongoiMobile financial services: regulatory responses Australia, Kenya and South AfricaProf John Du Plessis (A)
Cam TruongHow effective has trade practices laws been in Australia?Prof Christoph Antons (P) 

A/Prof Julie Clarke (A)
Mark Thomas TurkingtonThe Role of the Financial Institution in the FATF Regime.
Prof John Du Plessis (A)
Qiuyue Jasmine WangStudies of convicted Australian insider trading cases
Prof John Du Plessis (A)
Leon WolffHow Does Law Matter in Japan?Prof Christoph Antons (P) 

Prof John Du Plessis (A)
Lidia XynasClimate Change Mitigation - Taxation is the preferred approachProf Mirko Bagaric (P) 

Dr Paul Kenny (A)
Syeda Rafia ZamanEnvironmental degradation and violation of human rightsDr Claudio Bozzi (P) 

Dr John Morss (A)
Apurva SharmaDe jure and de facto independence of business corporations to uphold corporate personhood and corporate social responsibility as institutional goals

Adjunct Academics